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Ask The Experts: Does Google And Facebook Advertising Work For Small Business Owners

Does Google and Facebook advertising work for small-business owners ask the experts

Google and Facebook advertising have taken the internet by storm and if you’re not advertising with them you are missing out. But With so many rules to follow in doing so, it’s hard to keep track of where you rank and if you are doing enough to get it right.

According to a survey done by Small Business Trends, 62% out of 2600 small businesses that did the survey say Facebook ads are Fruitless and there is hardly and ROI.

The experts don’t necessarily agree with this and are of the opinion that properly targeted Facebook (and Google) ads do provide results.

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How to Control Your Charity Spending


How-to-Control-Your-Charity-Spending (1)Charity leaders tend to focus a lot on doing ‘good’ and sometimes lose sight of how money is being spent in the process. One way to know if your charity spends received donations responsibly is by checking its bank statement. What does it look like? If charity costs seem to exceed donations every month by a large margin, then it could mean that you do not have enough control over your spending.
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How Your Charity Can Spend Within Budget

How your charity can spend within budgetMost times, charity funds get wasted in the purchase process. The most common examples of waste, in this case, are two people in the organization buying the same thing, or when an invoice comes in and an item costs more than was initially quoted so your organization ends up paying more than budgeted. The worst scenario is when suppliers collaborate with your employees to submit a fraudulent invoice.   Continue Reading

Top 5 Charity Conferences You Shouldn’t Miss

Top 5 charity conferences you shouldn't miss

What does your calendar look like? If you haven’t registered for any charity conference maybe it’s about time you consider it because the earlier you do, the better. Conferences present opportunities to hobnob with fellow charity leaders, and explore merger opportunities between your organizations or even bounce some ideas on how to raise funds. Furthermore, they are the best places where proposals can exchange hands.

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