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Challenges Without Single Sign-On

Decentralized password controls lead to inefficiencies

Fragmented logins resulting in unauthorized data access.

Tedious and slow user onboarding and setup process.

Simple Access Management with Single Sign-On

To provide you with the most secure and seamless login experience, we've partnered with leading Single Sign-On providers, Azure and Okta. These integrations ensure that you can manage access to using the same trusted platforms you already utilize for your other critical applications. Whether you're leveraging Azure AD or Okta for your enterprise's identity management, you can extend those capabilities to include, ensuring a consistent and secure user environment. Our partnership with these industry leaders not only enhances security but also streamlines the user experience, allowing for quick and efficient user authentication and management.

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NEW: Active Directory Single Sign-On (SSO)

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Single Sign-On (SSO) FAQs

Single Sign-On (SSO) is a feature in that allows users to log in to multiple applications and services with a single set of credentials. This streamlines access, boosts security, and simplifies user experience.

SSO reduces the number of passwords users have to remember and manage. By centralizing the authentication process, there’s a reduced risk of password-related security breaches, like phishing attacks. Additionally, administrators can easily monitor and control user access, making it faster to address any security concerns.

Absolutely!’s SSO is designed to seamlessly integrate with major enterprise systems and identity providers. If you have specific integration needs or questions, our support team is here to assist.

SSO simplifies the login process. Instead of remembering multiple usernames and passwords for different applications, users have a single set of credentials. This leads to faster logins, reduced password fatigue, and a more streamlined user experience across all integrated applications.

Our dedicated support team is available to assist during every step of the SSO integration. From initial setup to troubleshooting, we’re committed to ensuring a smooth and successful implementation for your organization.

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