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Common Invoice Management Pains

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Invoice Scan & Match FAQs

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. It’s a technology that extracts text from images or scanned documents. In the context of Digital Invoices, OCR reads your uploaded invoices and automatically converts them into a digital format within

The Digital Invoices feature uses intelligent algorithms to match the details of your scanned invoices to corresponding purchase orders in the system. This process is automatic, saving you the time and effort of manual matching.

Yes, you can. The Digital Invoices feature allows you to upload standalone invoices, making a comprehensive warehouse for all your invoices.

Invoices that aren’t linked to any purchase orders will have their own approval route within This ensures a streamlined process for all invoices, linked or standalone.

Traditional AP operations often involve tedious manual data entry, time-consuming invoice-to-purchase order matching, and scattered invoice storage and tracking. The Digital Invoices feature addresses these pains by automating these processes.

With multiple entry points for easy invoice creation, intelligent algorithms for accurate matching, and a centralized hub for comprehensive control, it makes AP operations seamless and efficient. Plus, insightful metrics empower you to continuously improve your operations based on real usage data.

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