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We have over 10,000 users

Here's what they have to say about


Kevin O'Neill

Finance Manager

"It allowed us to lower our supplier base and increase volumes with core suppliers which led to significant cost savings"


Aidan McKee

Chief People Officer

"Procurement Express has helped us bring great efficiency and simplified ways of working to our business. Great product i'd highly recommend."


Stacey P.

Accounting Associate

"it keeps Department Heads accountable as they are able to easily look at their budget, seen what is pending and what is paid!"


Alma Els

Creative Director

"For me it was the most valuable tool. I could track the spend of any project at any time and make sure all our suppliers get paid and nothing slips through the cracks."


Clay R.

Sr. Project Manager

"This is very fast, user friendly and accurate. It works well with the accounting software we utilize. It's convenient to be able to see what is remaining in my budget."


Justin Kileen

Pledge Manager

"As a user I raise a lot of purchase orders on a daily basis. Procurement Express allows me to do so in an easy to manage, user friendly way."


Grace C.

Operations Manager

"The software is easy to implement and use. Every end user is able to figure out what is needed and how to get to the page of information needed."


Marissa S.

Arts Specialist

"I love getting automatic updates when my supervisors approve and move forward with my Purchase Orders. I get them right in my inbox!"


Wendy McDonald


"This programs functions are exactly what my role in my company needs it to do. I have found this program to be exactly what I need it to be."

Over 10,000 Happy Users 🙂

Here's what they have to say about

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