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Founded in 2016, ProcurementExpress.com is a software company focused on taking the hassle out of managing purchasing at small and medium businesses (SMBs).  The team is made up of ~25 people spread remotely across Europe, The Americas, Asia and Africa. We are remote first, which means we have grown up with processes to help us work effectively in a post-pandemic world where the best talent isn’t always the talent available down the road from you.


Our Goals

By 2034, we aim to bring hassle-free purchasing to 10,000 SMBs.


Our core purpose is to build a bullet-proof business that can serve its customers for decades to come. We are self-funded and profitable and value a stable growing business that is self-reliant and resilient.




“You can take a man out of Ireland, but you can’t take Ireland out of the man” – Tyson Fury

Values drive our world-view, beliefs and ultimately actions. We focus on values at ProcurementExpress.com because a strong team that shares the same core beliefs is fundamental to achieving extraordinary results. While a lot has changed since our early years, our values have stayed the same.


They are…

Don’t Let Anybody Fail: This is our way of describing how we value open, frank feedback in all directions. We coach one-another to success and are never afraid to offer or receive feedback with that aim in mind. It is especially important because we are a multicultural team and transparent communication is needed.

Don’t Be An Ars*hole: Many companies describe this as ‘be kind’ or ‘have empathy’. Our slightly saltier interpretation is aimed at making sure that while we value transparent communication, at all times we aim to retain empathy in all things with all people. We are here to do great work as a team. Check your ego at the door.

Wow The Customer: This is the most cliched of our values and it is used across hundreds of company value statements. We, however, mean it in a very specific way. Our goal is to bring a magical experience to our customers. Our marketing team focuses on finding prospects who are drowning in paperwork and risk. Our sales team then aims to literally make these people say ‘wow’ when we see some of the magical features that can save hours and hours of manual effort. Our engineers and product managers prioritise what we build on whether or not we can really achieve this wow-factor for our customers.

Relentless Improvement: The book ‘Happier’ describes the secret to happiness as a mix of hedonism and goal setting. Neither alone are sufficient to a contented life. Technology is constantly changing and improving, which is why we love it. Training and development are core to our beliefs and we provide generous training budgets to help our entire team to move forward, learn and find their next challenge.

Play To Win: While our goal is to make hassle-free purchasing a reality for our customers, we are aware of and honour the fact that we are not the only way to do it. We compete for our customers’ business and every part of our organisation measures itself against the best standards of their disciplines to make sure we are ready to win.


What is it like to work at ProcurementExpress.com?

We use the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) to help us grow and succeed. This framework helps us communicate clearly to our team. We primarily use standing meetings to stay connected even if we are not in the same room (or even the same continent). There are about 2.5 hours of meetings in a typical week for most people. This is where we stay connected and synced. The rest of the time we keep clear for focused work.

Standup: Every morning we meet for a 15 minute Hangouts call where we share good news, update our KPIs, tell bad jokes and where necessary, sing really bad Happy Birthday songs. A different team-member leads the call each day and it is our way of kicking off the day.

L10 Meetings: Each department has its own dedicated 1.5 hour L10 meetings. An L10 is a structured meeting aimed at tackling issues efficiently and clearing any roadblocks.

Friday Show and Tell: At the end of the week we come together to do a deeper dive on what is happening in the company. This can include updates from the CEO on progress, introductions to new team-members or more commonly, demos from the team on what they are working on. We also get feedback from the sales and success teams on how the product wowed a customer that week. We then finish up for the weekend with a quiz of some kind

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