Wave Away your most Time Consuming Purchasing Tasks.

With Magical 🪄 Purchasing Automation Tools

Invoice Scan & Match

Free up your time with our OCR technology. It matches invoices to purchase orders, and streamlines approvals. Centralize your invoices, simplify tracking, and accelerate your accounts payable process.

Batch Payments

Streamline your financial operations by executing batch payments in and OFX. This is your chance to say goodbye to manual payments and secure top FX rates.

Punchout Chrome Add-on

Turn your online shopping cart into a ready-to-go draft PO in We support 100's of online stores. Punchouts makes online purchasing easier and reduces the likelihood of partial or incomplete data entry.

Mobile App

High performance mobile app allows users who are on the move or working from remote locations create, approve and reject POs. The app syncs when you're back in civilization.

Zapier Integration

Zapier lets you connect with thousands of the most popular apps, so you can automate your work and have more time for what matters most - no code required.

QuickBooks Online Integration

Our enhanced QuickBooks Online integration is designed to boost your finance team's efficiency. Transform your purchasing process, simplify data management and secure company financial information.

Rate Your Supplier

After every purchase, the supplier interaction is recorded. Tracking supplier quality scores on an ongoing basis gives you a measure of the performance and effectiveness of vendors over time.

Custom Fields

Adapt and optimize without the need for custom code. Easily enhance processes and capture virtually any information relating to a purchase with Custom Fields.

Delivery Status Update

Collaborate on and organize all incoming deliveries in one simple click. Users can efficiently manage fulfillment by capturing proof of delivery the moment an item is delivered.

Supplier Portal

Use to deploy a branded e-Procurement supplier portal hosted on your own URL. It helps buyers and suppliers to connect with each other and exchange data.

Email Based Approval

With email based approvals, approvers receive an email notification for each request received. Approvers can either approve or reject the request directly from the email notification.

Fastest PO System

Implement a lightning-fast purchasing process in a few easy steps. With an average Net Promoter Score of 55, our development team are constantly focusing on improving app performance and speed.

Supplier Consolidation

Make data-driven cost-saving decisions by identifying suppliers that can be leveraged. helps build long term partnerships with trusted vendors.

Attachment Report

For CFOs who needs to analyze the performance of their business. Simply choose the appropriate date range and the report will be emailed directly to you.

Mark as Paid

Manually or automatically mark invoices as paid as they are cleared for approval. This is particularly useful for businesses with lots of recurring subscription payments.

Customisable Budgets

Discard excel reports for detailed web-based budget reports. This tool eliminates time consuming reporting and unreliable numbers so you can focus on tracking company spend.

Committed Spend Figures

Helps businesses manage and plan annual spend that's yet to be paid for. Build a comprehensive picture of your company's cash position so you can stay agile & prepare for what’s ahead.