How Helps Charities Spend Responsibly

The world of charity is rapidly changing, but one thing remains the same; donors expect charities to spend their donations responsibly. Additionally, 10% of their donations should not go to waste but instead should be directed towards savings. Indeed, charities are expected to save too.

Here are five telling signs that your organization is spending irresponsibly:

  • At least 90.6% of all donations go towards purchases
  • Administrative costs  always exceed donations
  • A paper-based system is still being used
  • The charity program has no clearly defined plan
  • There is a lack of transparency  

How does one make sure that donated funds are spent responsibly? A good place to start is by saving the donated funds, which may sound impossible. Developing a savings attitude or culture in your organization begins with doing away with outdated purchase order systems and finding a less expensive software program that helps you effect more change with less.  An excellent solution to this is – a PO system that allows you to complete your week’s program in a few hours.

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should not fill out another PO paperUNICEF’s deputy CEO, Kieran O’Brien is a strong proponent of the system as his team uses to process purchases. With the aid of he gets an instant view of all the organization’s allocated budgets and tells his team how they should spend funds. allows him to see how much the team is spending, which suppliers they buy from, and how many goods were delivered.

The system also allows him to approve, comment or reject POs with a user-friendly interface that allows him to do this even while rushing to one of his many meetings. Even the organization’s finance department is able to use the system to file records for every purchase made. As a result, UNICEF’s finances are always spot on.  He expressed his satisfaction to us, “ has freed up my time while allowing my staff to get approval for the resources they need faster than was possible before.”

Spending responsibly has never been this easy! Here is why:

  1. is easy to use

Yes, that’s the number one reason you should test drive this software. It does not require a cumbersome 5-day training course to understand. It was designed specifically for people on the go- angels like you who are out there to save the world. Its standout features help you in the following ways:

  • You can implement strict approval policies across your organization;  
  • You will be able to determine whether a requisition is justified before the PO is created, and can do this by setting up custom fields to put a stop to those requisitions that will not get approved before they ever get sent;
  • allows you to setup a custom field for delivery dates if your organization relies on making or taking deliveries; and
  • You can export the custom fields with your PO’s into your report, giving you more ways of presenting and reporting your data.

Wait. There’s more…

  1. gives you total control

Have you been wondering how you can monitor your funds even when you are away from your laptop? Well, good news! has made this fairly easy for you. You can now control your budget using your smartphone. This software is now downloadable on Google Play and istore.

This is how you’ll control your budgets:

  • A budget will be set up with a single approver, multiple approvers or single/multiple required approvers in the case of PO routing;
  • You will adjust a budget anytime you want to; and
  • A budget will be archived or locked to prevent unnecessary expenditures.

Last but not least…

  1. is reliable

You can rely on a dedicated team for assistance 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday. They are knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile for customers.

“I received a call from the company within minutes of signing up for the trial, a record in my 20+ year career. The software does what it says on the box and is very user-friendly, couldn’t recommend it highly enough if you are looking for a simple PO solution to replace paper-based PO’s.” beams Andrew Longhurst from St Luke’s Grammar School. Sleepless nights are now the thing of the past to him. There are many other happy users like him and you could be one too! has helped organizations manage billions of dollars and saved them millions along the way.

Don’t let managing funds stress you to death. Sign up for a free trial today. You can also book a demo by contacting us here.

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