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Automation. Expedition of the process as they’re using a manual system.


How Automating Your PO System Will Streamline Your Purchasing Process


Bottlenecks are a thorn in your side. Why do you think your purchasing processes aren’t effective? Making errors are part of the human learning process. It’s a natural process that makes a human being stronger over time. However, in business, this is not such an effective quality to have. To bridge the gap between you, more efficient and effective processes, and natural human error, you need to implement better working methods to streamline.

According to a study done in the 1980s and 1990s on human error in business, a lot fewer mistakes were made in the businesses that put working processes in place and enforced these working processes as a routine than those that did not.

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When Is The Right Time To Make The Leap From Excel Spreadsheets To Procurement Software?


Statistically, 90% of excel spreadsheets are sensitive to human errors. Is your company part of this statistic? Even though Excel can handle a lot of data, it is susceptible to human error. Working on an excel spreadsheet has a lot of shortcomings especially if a whole team of people try to work on it at the same time. Thirty years of scientific research on spreadsheets has shown that people make mistakes consistently, especially when pressed for time.

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Approve POs Anytime, Anywhere

Delivery Science uses to Approve Pos anytime, anywhere.

Victor OmoloWith, I can find exactly what I need, without having to sort through a mix of paper, online docs and folders full of receipts. And now I don’t even have to go into the office to approve a PO…I can do it from anywhere.

Victor Olomo
Product Manager
Delivery Science Inc.

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