12 Procurementexpress.com Blogs Every Nonprofit Leader Should Read

Procurementexpress.com is an online purchase order software that helps charity organizations spend responsibly. The software helps organizations like UNICEF to set up budgets effectively. We have compiled 12 blogs that we consider must-reads for charity leaders.

  1. 10 Commandments Every Nonprofit Leader Should Observe

Nonprofit leaders are driven by the mission of their organizations. We expect them to possess a high degree of motivation and energy. This is because leading a charity organization is a demanding task. Only a dedicated servant can do this job successfully.

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Tweet this:Billionaires are powerful individuals, some with a net worth greater than governments.

  1. Why Procurementexpress.com Will Save You Money

It’s important that nonprofits not only spend responsibly but at least save 10% of donated funds. Without savings, raising more funds becomes an uphill scramble. Saved funds can also go towards paying for unforeseen expenses such as maintenance costs. The more charity organizations save, the greater the chances of survival.

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  1. Who Are The Least Mentioned Billionaires?

Billionaires are powerful individuals, some with a net worth greater than governments. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, for example, is the richest person in the world, he has a net worth of $75 billion. Gates’ net worth is greater than the GDP of 122 countries. There are many similar billionaires who dig deeper into their pockets to fund charitable causes.

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  1. How to Donate to Charity by Simply Using Technology

Technology improves how people donate to charitable causes. It has transformed how givers donate and nonprofits track donations. With only a simple click, givers can send money straight to the charity’s coffers.

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5. 5 Tips On How to Choose The Right Vendor

When nonprofit organizations look for the right vendor, they look beyond just good prices. They look for a company with a good track record and a mission which is aligned with theirs.

The challenge faced by most charities is to rank the determining factors. They need to determine which one is more important, the product quality or the reliability of the vendor? It’s important that the choice matches the strategic goals of the organization. Read more

6. Regulations Every Nonprofit Leader Should Know About

Regulations pertaining to nonprofits change regularly. It’s important that leaders familiarize themselves with recent regulations. Each state has its set of regulations to keep their charity affairs in order.  Read more

7. Which Nonprofits Will Grow in 2017 and Why

This year, there are several nonprofits that will continue to grow. This anticipated growth defies all the challenges faced by “the good doers.” Find out more about growth prospects of nonprofit organizations.

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8. 7 Telling Signs That Your Charity is About to Lose Funding

In the US, there have been talks of President Donald Trump’s administration cutting federal funding. For example, the money that goes to states for 29 social service categories which was founded by President Ronald Reagan. It was funded at $1.5 billion for fiscal 2015, down from $1.6 billion in 2013. If the funding is cut, experts believe that programs that depend on it will be affected, this will have an impact on staffing, fieldworkers and so forth. Read more…

9. Why Donations To Charitable Groups Increased After Trump Victory

Trump’s victory inspired millions of Americans to donate to causes they believe in. The rush of fake news might have fueled this to a certain extent, as people’s concerns were raised by hoax headlines shared mostly on different social media platforms. Causes donated for range from immigration to anti-discrimination. Charity organizations still advocating for these causes will have donations filling their coffers without much campaigning. Read more

10. 5 Things Nonprofits Must Fix Before Applying For Funding

Applying for more funds is always a challenge to nonprofit organizations. This is because organizations have to prove why they need more funds. They have to prove how responsible they are with their current funds. Read more…

11. 5 Ways Nonprofits Can Prevent Fraud

Nonprofits organizations continue to suffer loss as a result of fraud. Fraudsters capitalize on every opportunity to steal funds. Millions of dollars are defrauded mainly by those in leadership. Read more…

12. How Charities Are Benefiting From Using Mobile Apps

Today charities can find an app for just about anything. This includes an app that monitors fundraising initiatives, purchases or even Twitter mentions! Read more…

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