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New App Features In – Release 1.9.106



Embed Zapier templates on the app

With Zapier you can Integrate with 1000s of apps and these Integrations are called Zaps and it so easy to set up the Zaps all you need to do is:

“Login -> Click on the setting icon -> Click on Integrations -> Click on Zapier ->A list with Preset Zaps will appear”

A change was made to the Zapier integration in the app. A user can now, with just a click of a button set a few automatic zaps when they go to the Zapier Integration in the app. 


Added a collapsible Panel to Supplier Info

Do you need the supplier information now all you need to do is:

“Click on any PO and open it -> Search for the supplier field -> Click on arrow -> A collapse panel will appear showing all the Supplier information”

A Collapse Panel was added to the Supplier field on a submitted PO.

Click here

Supplier info


Approval status was added to the Po layout

Not knowing what is the status of a Po? Has it been approved or paid? Well now you can just:

“Login -> Click on any Po -> On top of the Po page -> you will see the Status”


When a Po is send off for approval it will look like this :




When a Po is Approved, Paid and Delivered it will look like this :


Supplier Change logs

Are you always asking “who made that change to the information of a supplier?” Now you can see who did it by just:

“login -> Click on Suppliers -> Click on the a supplier -> Click on CHANGE LOGS”

A Supplier change log was added to the suppliers so that a user can see when and by who the supplier was edited or added.

Change logs

Blue chow 1.1

Request to freeze/lock Column header bar

Scrolling down and not seeing the Column bar can be so frustrating but now you can see the column bar:

“login -> Click on Purchase orders -> Scroll down”

The Column header bar is now frozen in place when scrolling up and down on the app so that the user can still see what columns.


Create Purchase Orders with PushCart Chrome Extension

Making an online purchase and copying the product info and all the product codes to was always time-consuming but now:

“Search for on the Chrome store ->Add the Extension -> Now you will see the logo pe-32if you look at the top right side of your screen”

Browse your favorite shopping site, click to add your items to the shopping cart as usual. When you’re done shopping, open PushCart by clicking on the pe-32Most users will only have one company, but if you have multiple, select the company you want to allocate the purchase to.

This will be saved as the default for your next purchase. Select a Department. If you don’t use departments you can skip this step. Now you can choose a budget and a supplier. Currently these should already be created within the, however, if they don’t exist, you can select a temporary budget and edit the PO later.

It will be created as a draft automatically, so can be edited later. If you use a manual approval route, select the approvers for this purchase request. Once the form is fully completed, press “Create PO”. As long as the cart is supported, a new PO draft will be created and will open with your new PO already filled out.

Monosnap 2019-01-18 09-09-57

Take The Manual Work Out Of Your Purchase Order System

tricia napolitanoTBG Homes is essentially 3 companies in one; a real estate development company with a construction division and a real estate broker. Here’s how they manage it all:

TBG Homes are currently creating a track map of 46 homes for which they have 6 different customisable designs. Doing the paper work for these 3 companies have involved creating a lot of spreadsheets, says Trish Napolitano, Secretary Treasurer for all 3 organizations.
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Breezing through December with new Enhancements.

Duty rule

December is here and everyone is rushing to get their last bit of Christmas shopping done before Christmas day. Mistakes can happen in a flash this is why want to do everything possible to help you do your job as well possible. New enhancements are released to help you through this festive season.

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What’s The Difference Between a Purchase Order And a Sales Order?

purchase vs sales order

Some people still confuse purchase orders with sales orders. I am not certain if what confuses them are the words “purchase and sales” or the “order” at the end. While there is an overlap between purchase and sales orders, they differ greatly.

Misunderstanding these financial terms is not an option. So, I think drawing some parallels between the two would help.
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Do You Make These Common Mistakes When Approving POs?



Procurement mistakes are part and parcel of growing a successful business. They serve as valuable lessons but they shouldn’t happen all the time. Failure to curb procurement mistakes early on can deplete your budget. Before you know it, you may find yourself out of business, and looking for a job.

Procurement mistakes are often hard to detect. Particularly when your company uses Excel spreadsheets and email to process purchase orders. You can simply avoid this drawback by using an efficient purchase order software.
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Two Approaches to Preparing Your Budget Efficiently


1-Two-Approaches-to-Preparing-Your-Budget-EfficientlyFailure to budget efficiently does not mean your business idea is not working. It could just be a sign that you need to equip yourself with the right budgeting tools.

Please keep reading only if:

  1. You had a great sales month but, to your dismay, have no money in the bank.
  2. Your business is growing fast but there is never enough left over to give yourself that raise you so richly deserve.

Or my favorite:

  1. Opening your management accounts feels like scratching off a scratch card – you never know what you are going to get.

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