4 Reasons Why Nonprofits Should Automate

The-Reason-Why-Nonprofits-Should-AutomateDoing tasks manually does not allow nonprofit organizations to turn their objectives into reality. This is because the consequences of using manual systems are far-reaching, they range from costly errors to time-consuming activities. To automate these processes allows nonprofit organizations to complete charity processes in a much shorter period of time.

There is software that help organizations to manage donations, conduct fundraising campaigns and coordinate volunteers. It also does the following:

  • track donation requests
  • send automated “thank you” notes
  • store templates for receipts
  • gather information about potential donors, sponsors, and volunteers
  • give charity leaders total control over donated funds

Reasons why nonprofits should automate:

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  1. Automating reduces error

Paper-based systems are prone to error. Donations collected manually are rarely recorded accurately. To avoid this, nonprofits can automate donations by using tools which make the fundraising and donating process seem almost seamless.

  • Donors can sign up and record their names, contact details and billing details. All this information is retrievable anytime.
  • Nonprofit leaders can execute an SQL command to retrieve the correct information from the database.
  • The user can see when there are errors and can correct them immediately. is a PO request/approval system that helps charities reduce error by eliminating any unapproved purchases.

  1. Automating allows for transparency

Transparency is one of the most crucial aspirations of nonprofit organizations. Any organization determined to continue doing good should consider adopting an application that will make purchasing activities visible to donors.ALIGN

Some charities view transparency as an endeavor that is simply too expensive to pursue. However, technology has made this quite simple. With a cloud purchase order system like you can approve or reject a purchase order request timeously while in or out of office. This is because it is an app which is compatible with mobile devices. runs the budget for you so you can focus on more strategic issues.

  1. Automating identifies potential donors

Automating marketing activities helps nonprofits know which people are donating and for which charitable causes. There are applications that segment potential donors according to their demographics and location. These people are the ones who are likely to donate on a monthly basis.

When fundraising activities are automated, there is no need for charity programs to come to a halt. Donors will be able to donate anytime wherever they are. One of the major disadvantages of raising funds manually is that it becomes a time-consuming exercise.  Donors do not have to be physically there in order to help those who are less fortunate.

  1. Automating saves valuable time

Purchasing processes of organizations that still use paper-based systems are characterized with tedious and time-consuming activities. The time that is wasted on filling papers can be invested in raising more funds. Important tasks like building relationships with donors, redrafting a mission statement, planning and controlling charity activities need time.

When all processes are automated, time is saved and more charity programs are completed. It is advisable that organizations choose applications that can be seamlessly integrated with Excel. helps charity organizations like UNICEF to spend responsibly. This is what deputy CEO of UNICEF have to say,“ has freed up my time while allowing my staff to get approval for the resources they need faster than was possible before.”

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