Why Donations To Charitable Groups Increased After Trump’s Victory


In 2016, the donations to charity organizations increased after president Donald Trump’s victory. Philanthropy experts from two different institutions,  the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Chicago confirmed that:

  • Americans are consistent in their giving even though they tend to switch causes a lot.
  • The 2016 surge of donations could continue over the years. For example, a disaster like Hurricane Katrina might spark concern and lead to a further influx of donations. It’s important that charities adopt efficient systems to handle large donations.

One of the experts, Katherina M. Rosqueta, founding executive of the Center for High Impact Philanthropy  said: Philanthropy in the U.S. has a long tail,” noting that of the almost $400 billion of philanthropic capital allocated each year, 70% to 80% comes from individuals, and of that, a disproportionate amount are in small gifts. List pointed out that such giving is also usually concentrated among a small number of givers.”

Trump’s victory inspired millions of Americans to donate for causes they believe in. The rush of fake news might have fueled this to a certain extent, as people’s concerns were raised by hoax headlines shared mostly on different social media platforms. Causes donated for range from immigration to anti-discrimination. Charity organizations still advocating for these causes will have donations filling their coffers without much campaigning.

Let’s look at some of reasons why donations keep increasing.


  • Donations offered Americans an opportunity to protest

Last Christmas, Americans got their entire families to donate to charitable causes they care about. This was their only way of expressing their unhappiness over the election results. Consequently, charitable organizations saw an unprecedented increase in donations just before Christmas. For example,  The Sierra Club (an environmental organization in the United State) raised up to $110,000 in less than 24 hours in December.

This increase might have been spiked by some of Trump’s statements on environmental issues when he tweeted: “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.” He later denied this statement when called out by Hillary Clinton at their first presidential debate.  

Adam Beitman, a spokesman for the Sierra Club said it was important that donations reflected the intensity of concerns of Americans about some of Trump’s statements against the climate and environmental protection.

Tweet this: Americans are consistent in their giving even though they tend to switch causes a lot

  • Charity work will only get heavier through the years

Charity organizations operating in the US and across the globe should roll up their sleeves as their workload is about to get heavier than before. Steep cuts in federal support are expected as Trump’s administration works towards  “making America great again”

It’s important that organizations are prepared for this by adopting systems that help them save time and money. The following should be observed by all US charity organizations:

  • Make sure that your organization is able to participate in campaigns to advance initiatives. For example, by keeping your finances transparent all the time, marginalized people will feel that they have an organization they can trust. This is also crucial for keeping givers donating funds throughout the year.
  • Be prepared to forge new relationships with other organizations. This can only be easily done when all your finances are in order. When charity organizations join forces with organizations pursuing similar goals. Organizations should form a collective voice.
  • It’s important that American organizations are ready to handle large amounts of donations. One way to achieve this by employing a system that allows charity managers to be in control of donated funds. For example, Procurementexpress.com a straight-forward purchase order system that helps charity organizations such as UNICEF to streamline all their purchases and manage their budgets well. It’s an easy to use software that even technophobes find simple to use.

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