How Your Charity Can Ace Campaigns Without Wasting


Forrester Research has compiled a report that reveals how organizations (including charities) are likely to allocate budgets to all campaigns. These projections take into account the CSI projects and general donations from companies.

 Some of the revelations from the report are:

  • The average firm can allocate up to 30% to online display ads, this rate will grow to 35% by 2019
  • SEO marketing is getting increasingly important. 

This report goes on to reveal that charities across the globe should rather consider engaging donors on a more personal level than just putting a one-fits-all message. This approach is a cost-effective way of getting in touch with potential donors. For a non-profit organization to continue doing good in 2017, wasted spend has to come to an end and I’ll be showing you how.  

The above research proves that technological solutions such as crowd funding and are gaining momentum. Charities still stuck in an old pattern of raising funds are likely to struggle to keep up. What’s worse is that they may find themselves closing down. This ultimately would mean, leaving their dependants without any help. 

Web sites such as EventBrite are suitable for raising money through events that will give donors a double-dip for displaying their brands. There is also CauseVox which can be used for a variety of fundraising initiatives. Just remember this: crowd-funding campaigns cannot solve all your poor budgeting problems.

The below three platforms will help you raise funds quicker.

1.DonateNow/Network for Good

This site is an excellent platform for charities of all sizes.  It has a secure donation system for donors, which means they can donate without any worries. It provides donation tools to individuals, non-profits, companies and even software developers. 

Charity organizations can raise funds without incurring more costs. You can also use this site to raise funds. 

After raising funds how are you going to spend those funds? Don’t panic, you have a trusted ally called a system that will help you track all your organizational purchases.

2. Givlet

With Givlet, charity organizations can accept donations. This app has a responsive donation page tailored for mobile, tablet and desktop access. Organizations can create branded donation pages and track the progress of all their campaigns.

Again, a customizable software like will be your trusted friend in keeping a close eye on those donated funds. Purchase order requisitions are approved quite quicker as approvers get instant notification on their mobiles.

Geared specifically towards non-profit leaders, StayClassy provides tools for deeper fundraising management and development, including peer-to-peer fundraising, online donations, and fundraising events. Nonprofit organizations can use it to consolidate and manage all their online fundraising.

Further efficient consolidation of budgets can be done by   

It is possible to campaign without wasting   

How can your NGO rollout a campaign that will bring in more funds without spending half of your budget? This can only be possible when you have a good grip on your budget and understand all your finances.

Your first step in understanding your finances begins with monitoring your purchases.

 There’s a need for more collaborative approaches to project funding and implementation. Donors want to see what their CCO’s plans are when it comes to spending their funds. Also how quick COO’s will approve purchase orders during disaster relief.

The list below illustrates why it’s important that nonprofit organizations automate all their affairs, from fundraising campaigns to purchases.

  • Automated transactions save time and money and build a unified organizational identity.
  • They render regular field visits by busy COOs unnecessary.
  • COOs can achieve much more in a few hours.  

CJ Jacob from Arkansas School for the Deaf automated all her purchases: “Approvals go through faster, no papers to be lost, no forging of dates by people who wait until the last-minute! What’s not to like?”

By adopting an automated system, you can be rest assured that donated funds go towards paying for only NGO needs.

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