Mobile app features for 2018 – As Requested by our Customers

Mobile app banner

June 2018

Mobile App Features:

Yes, its true our mobile app is evolving and we have great new features that our customers can benefit from.

Users can now login via Google sign in

Simply open the app on your mobile and use the Google login button to easily sign in to

Navigate to -> “Login with Google” button

Mobile: Google sign in feature

Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

When users signup they can choose to agree to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy on mobile and, can also view them by clicking on the links.

Navigate to -> “Sign up” page

Mobile: Terms & Conditions + Privacy Policy

Send to Supplier revamp

Send to supplier has gotten a new look sending a customized email to suppliers.

Navigate to -> “Send to Supplier” tab

Send to supplier revamp

Joining companies of the same email domain

Users can choose to join a company with the same email domain on signup.

Navigate to -> “Sign up” button

Mobile: Selected company with same domain

Choosing to use own name or join similar domain

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