December 14, 2023

Becoming a Budgeting Badass

On this episode of the Gross Profit Podcast, James Kennedy sits down with Brian Raphael.
The Gross Profit Podcast
Becoming a Budgeting Badass

Show Notes

James Kennedy engages in an enlightening conversation with Brian Raphael, the accomplished CFO at Propeller Industries.

Brian Raphael, with his extensive experience in senior financial management, brings a unique perspective to the art of budgeting. Far from being just a numerical exercise, Brian demonstrates how budgeting is fundamentally a strategic tool that aligns with a company’s goals and aspirations.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Strategic Budgeting: Understanding budgeting as a strategic exercise beyond mere numbers.
  • Goal-Oriented Conversations: How budgeting opens up discussions about a company’s objectives and future directions.
  • Budgeting as a Roadmap: Using budgeting to create an exciting and clear path to success for the entire team.
  • Integrating Financial Insights: Brian’s approach to integrating financial insights across different business areas for overall growth and efficiency.

Episode Highlights:

  1. “Brian, can you elaborate on how budgeting goes beyond numbers and serves as a conversation starter for a company’s goals?”
  2. “What makes budgeting an essential and rewarding exercise for companies, especially startups and growing businesses?”
  3. “Could you share how your experience has shaped your approach to aligning financial strategies with broader business objectives?”
  4. “In your view, how does effective budgeting influence other areas of a business, such as sales, marketing, operations, and supply chain?”

Brian Raphael’s expertise is not limited to financial oversight. He excels in operational leadership and offers invaluable insights into aligning people, processes, and systems across various domains, including sales, marketing, operations, and supply chain. His role in providing guidance with a financial lens has been crucial in helping companies navigate challenges, support growth, achieve business goals, and maximize stakeholder value.

Join us in this episode of the Gross Profit Podcast, “Becoming a Budgeting Badass”, to gain a deeper understanding of the strategic role of budgeting in business success.

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