How NGOs Build Powerful Brands


Charity brands are not created in a vacuum,  there’s a great deal of sweat and tears behind each powerful brand.

The process of building a brand that is recognizable to millions of people takes time. Often, funds are wasted on just building brands. More spent on fundraising through conventional advertising.

One would ask; what comes first: a fundraising campaign or a brand building exercise? Both are equally important but when a brand is weaker, raising funds becomes a huge challenge.

Let’s look at these five world’s most powerful NGOs brands. All the below brands have been on the top 10 NGO’s list since 2012.   

  1. BRAC. They are the world’s largest development organization, dedicated to empowering people living in poverty. They operate across 11 countries, touching the lives of 1 in every 55 people. Their brand is recognized globally by donors and beneficiaries alike as a brand responsible for alleviating poverty.
  2. Ceres. Is another organization that has built a powerful brand. They are an advocate for sustainability leadership. The end goal of Ceres work is to build a healthy and sustainable global economy.
  3. CARE International. This organization is known for fighting global poverty with a focus on women. They believe that by helping women they can change the lives of families and communities.
  4. Wikimedia Foundation. Everyone knows Wikipedia right? The Wikimedia Foundation is responsible for the free distribution of content.  The organization is regarded as one of the most transparent non-profit organizations in the world.
  5. Acumen Fund. Is another anti-poverty NGO with a focus on affordable health, water, housing, energy, agricultural inputs and services.  

All of the above organizations share one common factor: they all have successfully created a sense of community. These monumental organizations created an emotional connection with society at large.

In this blog, we’ll share some useful tips on how NGOs can boost their brands.

1.Organize community-based events that involve people

Charities play an important role in societies, especially in developing countries!

It is important to involve community members in all community-based events, this is because events that involve local people tend to register successful results. For example, the “National Dialogue on Safe Spaces for Women at Workplace” organized recently by BRAC.  

2.Turn your NGO’s website into an efficient portal site

Anyone who is looking for information will start by looking up the NGO’s website. An NGO website is the face of the organization. It is one of the tools nonprofit organizations should plan alongside a “winning proposal”.

Consider turning a selling website into a trusted portal site that anyone looking for charity information can use.

3.Always align company’s objectives with those of donors

Considering donor’s objective should come first in everything you do. In other words, you should consider donor’s objectives before you can even draft a funding proposal. Your charity objectives should always align with those of potential funders, if you can’t see any alignment it means they are not compatible partners!

4.Assign leadership positions to the right people

Major brands such BRAC and UNICEF are careful about the people they put into leadership. This rings true for profit organizations like Apple and Microsoft. Countries with bad leadership often find themselves either downgraded to junk status or losing investors.

The best way of achieving this right is by appointing experienced leaders with an excellent background.

5.Keep a close eye on your budget

It’s important that NGOs maintain a sound financial position. Any NGO that continues to squander donated funds will attract negative media reports which will ultimately lessen chances of building a brand.

Most NGOs find it difficult to spend within budget. This is because managers cannot monitor purchasing transactions as they happen. is a PO software that helps NGOs to end wasted spend. This software has helped software companies to manage billions and generate millions along the way. Your charity organization can finally find the most efficient spend management tool, that would allow it to spend donations responsibly. 

Take the first step to building a stronger brand by adopting a system that helps you spend donated funds responsibly. Sign up for a free trial today.

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