10 Charity Hashtags Millennials Use on Twitter

hashtagsTwitter is one of the best platforms where charity organizations can raise funds. However, raising funds is only possible when you use Twitter right. Scientific analysis of Twitter indicates that there is a right way and wrong way to use it. One right way is when you use popular hashtags to join in a relevant conversation.

What is a hashtag?

I know most of us know what a hashtag is, but for the benefit of those who don’t: A hashtag is a hash sign (#) tagged before any word or group of words (#givechoosedays) and makes those words easily searchable online. Charity social media experts use popular hashtags to track discussions around social issues.

Tweet this: Twitter is one of the best platforms where charity organizations can raise funds.

Globally, charities use hashtags to:

  • Raise awareness
  • Raise funds
  • Engage potential donors
  • Make announcements

Early this year, we published a blog about the generation, millennials. These are the people born between the early 80’s to the early 90’s. Their financial strength allows them to donate to various causes, sometimes, all at the same time. How do you interact with them on a social network like Twitter? You do that by using the following hashtags.


4charityThis is one of the hashtags frequently retweeted by millennials. They seem to prefer it over other worn out hashtags. You can use it to publicize opportunities for donating to your charitable cause.


Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 2.19.34 PMThis hashtag is used for different charitable causes. You can share a testimony and a link, alternatively, you can use it for general announcements. Just make sure that you use it sparingly because overusing it might alienate potential donors.


Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 2.21.40 PMThis hashtag is been popular for a couple of years. Seemingly, every time a millennial feels like donating, the word donate becomes as an easy way to search “donation opportunities”.  Use it alongside a profound call-to-action.


changeMillennials have strong views on climate change. In 2016, a poll by UT energy proved that 91 percent of Americans under age 35 say climate change is real (some people still deny it). This hashtag seems to resonate with this age group of people. To get their optimum engagement on climate change, consider using it on weekends.


VolunteerMillennials are always looking for the opportunity to use their skills to do good. With this hashtag, you can invite them to work for your organization pro bono.


activismThis hashtag is used for different charitable causes. You’ll discover that even political analysts have found it more useful. If you are an ambassador of human rights, use it to draw attention to any current event involving the violation of human rights.


Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 2.36.06 PM#nonprofit is appropriate when you want to share content about your charity organization, or when you want to update your followers about a recently held event. Another effective way of using it is to incorporate it into your blog post.


do good hashtagsYou can use this hashtag to share some of your good work. Every tweet highlighting e.g. your recent participation in floods relief should carry this hashtag as millennials often use it when they research about your organization.


charityUse this hashtag when commenting on your nonprofit organization achievement or thanking donors for their support.


fundraisingUse this hashtag to announce upcoming fundraising events, during donation campaigns or to notify potential donors of donation opportunities. And you can also use it to show donors their donations were used to help less fortunate people.

Which other hashtags do you think appeals to millennials?

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