How Charities Are Benefiting From Using Mobile Apps


Today charities can find an app for just anything. This includes an app that monitors fundraising initiatives, purchases or even Twitter mentions!

For example, charities in the UK use a free Twitter monitoring service. This was made possible by PoliMonitor a social media monitoring app created by Westminster Public Affairs, a UK-based lobbying firm. Now when an MP or charity peer mentions a charity organization on Twitter, an alert is sent through to the organization’s inbox.

The co-founder of PoliMonitor, Sam Cunningham said to Third Sector: With MPs tweeting several hundred thousand times a year, we wanted to create an easy to use tool that allows charities to stay on top of the debates that matter most to them without having to pay anything for it.”

In this blog, we will explore the core benefits of using mobile apps that do all the job for you.

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  1. Mobile apps allow charities to connect with potential givers

The days of relying on conventional paid adverts to do all the talking for charities are over. Thanks to technology, charities can now control how they want to connect with potential givers. For example, charities can create a downloadable app that allows them to connect with a deluge of mobile users. This app which can be available on Google Play Store will allow donors to donate anytime.

  1. Mobile apps allow charity managers to monitor staff performance

One of the most important benefits of using a mobile app is that charity managers don’t have to be in the office to provide leadership. There are apps that allow them to monitor the performance of subordinates anywhere they are. For example, an app that provides employee feedback and progress tracking is now available. Charity employees can fill out information about their plans for the day or week and managers can monitor and analyze their performance using any mobile device.

  1. Mobile-oriented platforms deliver good results

Remember how an announcement made by Apple in 2010 that iPhone users will not be able to donate using competitor’s apps invited a lot of backlashes? Many people criticized the brand for its alleged bias. From the Apple example, we learn that:

  • Charity organizations find mobile environment pretty much helpful in attracting givers,
  • Mobile-oriented platforms deliver the results, for example, a 2010 research showed that apps achieved the following:  272,000 meals donated to hungry people in the US, 74,000 trees saved and 27 million liters of clean drinking water.
  1. Mobile apps allow charities to budget well

Technology makes handling donated funds easy. Any busy organization will not continue doing good without using a clever app. The challenge faced by charity leaders is, how to choose the right software for budgeting. When choosing the right system to make sure that  at least it can do the following:

  • It allows your team to access the system from any mobile device, for example, smartphone, tablet etc.
  • to create different departments and budgets for your organization.
  • to give access to certain individuals so that chances of fraud are minimized.
  • Charity employees are granted access to budgets, this means, while charity employees can easily allocate expenses to budgets you can configure the system to hide budgets to certain people.
  1. A clever purchasing system monitors purchases for you 

Reading to this last crucial point is the sign that you’re not only a hard working leader but also a devoted one. You’ve a lot on your plate and often struggle to keep track of the finances of your organization. You’ve tried to delegate some of the purchasing tasks to certain individuals, but still faced with these problems:

  • expensive purchases that are delivered without your approval,
  • Duplicated invoices submitted by corrupt suppliers,
  • Find it impossible to spend within budget,
  • and you find it a challenge to monitor all purchases

Let’s get some load off your shoulders by introducing a purchase order system that does all the monitoring for you, With, charity leaders can keep an eagle eye on all purchases and any arising discrepancies are quickly corrected. Fraudsters do not stand a chance to pocket donated funds as all purchase processes will be streamlined and discussions such as “ for a request to pay” will be recorded. allows you to access the PO from the dashboard and click on the “Choose File” feature which works well on your smartphone. By simply opening the app from your phone browser you can choose the file you want or you can select a camera and take a picture of the invoice (or other related paperwork) and click on the “Comment / Attach” button.

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