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Scrutiny On The Bounty

charity-01Every truly successful organization monitors and tries to improve on it’s spending, it’s a “no brainer” if you are not controlling or at the very least monitoring your spend then you are losing money, simple as that. I’ve seen it time and time again where people think they have things under control. Continue Reading

5 Core Practices Found In Successful Construction Project Management.

construction team-01

At first glance, you’d be forgiven for  thinking that construction project management takes the same skill set as any other project management field. It certainly does follow the traditional five phases of project management which are  initiation, planning, execution, performance and monitoring, and closure/completion, but that is where the similarities end. Continue Reading

Still Reluctant to Use Purchase Orders?

PO processThe general assumption of some small companies are that purchase orders include an intense amount of unnecessary paperwork that will slow down the natural order of business and make everyone move at a glacial pace. Or they already have their vendors and suppliers with whom they have a working relationship with, thus they unwisely forego purchase orders.

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