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Why there was no control over Positive Action funds?

 Positive Action

IRELAND – The audit report by the Health Service Executive revealed that there was no control over Positive Action funds. Positive Action Ltd was founded by Bernadette Warnock (63) in 1994 to help women who contracted Hepatitis C through contaminated blood in maternity hospitals. Warnock herself has been living with Hepatitis C for years. She contracted it at age 24.  Continue Reading

3 Tips On Avoiding Awkward Audit Questions

Preparing for auditing

Fraud has become commonplace with charity organizations. This has some how has tainted the image of many non-profits. Consequently, donors are reluctant to fund charities without scrutinizing their finances. At least not until they go through audited financial statements. Getting audited has proven to be a stressful time for any non-profit.

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