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How Purchase Orders Are Helpful On Construction Sites


How-to-make-your-Construction-Project-an-Effective-Working-ProcessA lot of effort goes into planning a construction site. Just ask any construction CFO that has to submit analysis, projections and plans months before the project even commences. It’s no wonder the CFO is nicknamed Ruler of Results.

Not only is there a lot of planning that goes into the construction site before the project starts but there are also unforeseen pitfalls that occur after the construction site is bustling with work. For a construction CFO or project manager who is already on edge by having all their balls in the air, even the slightest thing going wrong would be too much to handle.

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Why Purchasing Approval Routines Are Important for Your Businesses


Why-Purchasing-Approval-Routines-Are-Important-for-Your-Businesses (1)You know your business better than anyone in your organization. It’s been your baby since day one. You conceived the idea, gave birth to a fledgling business (that started off with just you and a couple of people) and you nurtured it to a promising startup. Thus far, you’ve always been on top of things, managing everything from sales to marketing and finance, all on your own.

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