The Best Way To Track Company Expenses


Your business is your vision. Every day you work to overcome different challenges to get to your goals. Your cashflow is the substance that your business thrives on. Tracking expenses should be second nature to your everyday business function.

The simple fact is, you need cash in your hand to run your business. If you only care about more money coming into your business than going out, you will lose sight of the objectives that you set in the first place.

All aspects of your business should point to bringing in revenue in order to make your ship sail smoothly.

Calvin Harris Jr. said “Many companies simply don’t pay enough attention to how much they pay for certain expenses. Business owners see the money coming in, but don’t realize just how much goes right back out the door.”

Keeping a close eye on everyday expenses will ensure your cash flow shortages are addressed even before they take place. You need to reduce your expenses if they are greater than your revenue so your numbers work out and you can make a profit.

Failing to recognize that something qualifies as a legitimate expense is one of the mistakes that is easily made when it comes to business expenses. Cash expenses that don’t get recorded all the time, gets overlooked. When purchases are not documented immediately they get lost and forgotten.

Getting in payments on time   

Another thing to take note of is to remember to set a good process in place,  so it does not negatively impact your profits. The European Payment Report describes how late payments have a negative impact on the development and growth of European businesses.

Even though this is not a direct expense it directly impacts your cash flow. It should be seen as an expense if not managed properly. No matter which way you look at it, tracking expenses are important to make your business succeed.

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Using a smart spend management app to track expenses

Whether you are a CFO that has more than one project to run or a retail manager that needs a better way to manage the inventory, at some point you would have realized you need help.

Putting a purchase order system in place might just be the key you need to succeed in meeting your everyday targets. Just think of having everything you need in one central place; requisitions, orders, invoices, and vendor management.

By implementing electronic purchase order software you can instantly approve purchases within minutes with the click of a button. Any appointed employee can load the purchase order and you can see it instantly on any mobile device. is the most customizable purchase order software in the industry. With the purchase order management app all purchases are run through a set approval routing process, whereby managers who make the decisions can approve all purchases with the click of a button.

It saves you time with same day company-wide implementation. No training is required so all your departments can spend responsibly. It also has an award-winning customer success team available 24 hours a day. is adaptable with tailored reports and customizable pdfs.

Trading successfully will depend on how serious you are about tracking expenses.

Making these changes is beneficial to your business. For example, your business can enjoy major benefits, i.e. reduced cost, increased processing speed, reduced errors and improved relationships with suppliers and customers. Get rid of the paper-trail hassle with inclusive online reporting that eliminates fraud. is your ultimate smart spend toolkit in a convenient app. Try for free today!

Purchase orders

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