[Update] Handy Software Updates and Fixes

We released version 2.2.21 of our web application on the 20th of October 2022, which contained mainly fixes to issues faced by our customers.

In fact, we have decided to focus on fixing those pesky bugs for the next few months and keep the addition of new features to a minimum.

We’re looking forward to seeing the results of these improvements and we’ll keep you updated on the progress.

Release 2.2.21 contained 16 changes, 9 of which were bug fixes.

A note-worthy upgrade in functionality is with Holiday (Vacation) mode.

You can now select who you want to approve POs on your behalf when you go on vacation and also set dates.

Please note that this feature will not replace you as the approver on any existing requests. It will only replace you on requests created after the setting was activated.

The following tickets were fixed in this release:

  • We made some performance fixes on the RFQ side which makes the whole feature run smoother.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ampersand symbol wasn’t rendering correctly.
  • The cc field on the “Send to Supplier” form was resetting before each use, that will no longer happen.
  • With QuickBooks Online integration active, the Account field will now auto-populate when importing POs form a csv.
  • We fixed the “Account period closed” error with the QuickBooks Online integration.
  • The suppliers will no longer be removed from departments, which happened in certain configurations.
  • The issue was fixed where the QuickBooks Online “Customer” field automatically re-activated in certain situations.
We also made some additional improvements to our performance and server architecture which you’ll notice with faster navigation through the software.

To “Wow” our customers is our most important company value and that’s what we’ll keep aiming for. Watch this space to see how we keep improving the software to save our customer time and make their lives easier.

Your suggestions are important to help us develop the application to your needs. Remember to use our feedback portal to suggest and up-vote features you would like to use on

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