Exciting New Updates and Features in ProcurementExpress.com!

We are pleased to share with you the latest updates and features that have been released on ProcurementExpress.com. These updates are aimed at improving the overall user experience and enhancing the purchasing process.

New Settings:

  • With the invoice reference required setting, you can choose whether the invoice reference field should be mandatory when suppliers or employees upload invoices. You can access this setting by going to:
    Company Settings -> Invoices -> Invoice Reference Required
  • We have also introduced a new setting that allows you to limit invoice approval by user role. This feature lets you choose which roles have the ability to approve invoices. You can access this setting by going to:
    Company Settings -> Invoices -> Navigate to the section “Invoice Actions -> Invoice Approval” and select the roles you want to give the invoice approval ability

Other Enhancements:

  • Limit actions on cancelled POs: Now you can only copy and archive cancelled POs.
  • Upload invoices to pending POs: You can now upload invoices to pending POs, but you won’t be able to approve the invoice until the PO is approved.

New Features:

One of the most significant features we have added is Line-by-Line Invoice Recording.

We have introduced an invoice details section to the invoice page that displays each line item on the invoice as a separate line item in the invoice details section. You can also upload an invoice to a specific line item in a purchase order with multiple line items. This feature provides better transparency and helps you keep track of every detail. See more information here.

We have also improved our QuickBooks Online <-> ProcurementExpress.com integration. The new and improved integration now supports a much more comprehensive sync between the two software platforms. You can access the full knowledgebase article here.

This is the just of it:

In addition to these updates and features, we have also released quite a few bug fixes. We are dedicated to providing the best possible user experience, and we are constantly working to improve our software.

We are thrilled to provide these new updates and features to our users, and we hope they will help you streamline your purchasing process. If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to our support team, and we will be happy to assist you.

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