Zapier and – A world of possibilities

Zapier integrates with 1000s of apps and these integrations are called Zaps. Simply put, you can connect apps with each other and create beautiful workflows that trigger events from one app to another.

We use Zapier to push information from different apps into Slack (our team communication tool – another app well worth looking into). We have about 15 different Zaps on Slack. For instance, every time a customer starts a chat on our website, we get a notification on Slack. This integration contributes to our excellent support rate. Less than 1 minute response time 24/5!

Another good one is our leave management. Using Zapier, Google Calendar and Google Sheets, we’ve created a free employee leave management system that’s easy to use, fully functional and reliable.

If you haven’t left this article to visit Zapier’s website already, we’ve created some Zap examples to experiment with using, Zapier and

What fun Zaps did you come up with? Let’s chat about it – leave a comment below.

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