New Android App “Share Purchase Orders” – Just Arrived

New-Android-App-Has-Arrived’s new Android app is called Share Purchase Orders and that is exactly what it does. An automated purchase order system, created for small to medium-sized businesses with multiple suppliers. This unique Android app is now available on Google Play Store completely free, forever. It’s simple, easy to use, and appealing.

“Easy to use and yes … even a little FUN!” – Yvonne Wong, Gravitational Marketing, Capterra review.

share POs from any platform via android appThis new Android app, aimed at super fast PO creation, assures the following:

  • Create Purchase Orders to send directly to suppliers in seconds
  • Have control over your spend
  • Be sure you are not over-paying suppliers
  • Save hours of time spent on administration
  • Guaranteed to pay for itself in hours (even if it is FREE)
  • Compatible with the purchase order suite
  • Fully functional and never expires

use android app to add PO is the fastest way to sort out your company’s wasted spend with the least amount of effort. You can get your whole team on board within hours and access fantastic features to suit all your purchasing needs.

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With, you can load suppliers & products and view your PO history on demand. It’s customizable so you can capture info important to your company. The share button allows you to share your PO’s on any platform available on your phone. Purchase orders sent to suppliers, act as a valid contract between your company and the supplier.
view PO history on demand via android app
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What our customers say:

“Having used one of the leading ERP platforms for 11 years and the misery that comes with it, is a real breath of fresh air!” – Head of Business Development, Ksubaka Ltd

“Approvals go through faster, no papers to be lost, no fudging of dates by people who wait until the last minute! What’s not to like?” –  CJ Jacob, Executive Assistant, Arkansas School for the Deaf

Download Android App HERE

If you’d like more information, please contact: Mariska Pansegrauw, Media Relations ( at: [email protected]

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