May 9, 2024

The Audacity of Authenticity with Karen Stephen

On this episode of the Gross Profit Podcast, James Kennedy sits down with Karen Stephen.
The Gross Profit Podcast
The Gross Profit Podcast
The Audacity of Authenticity with Karen Stephen

Show Notes

In this episode James sits down with Karen Stephen, Fractional CFO at SoulCFO. Karen brings a refreshing perspective on the hidden power of authenticity in business, exploring how embodying one’s full self at work can transform professional environments and personal satisfaction.

About Karen: Karen Stephen is a visionary Fractional CFO and financial empowerment coach whose approach transcends traditional finance. As a chartered accountant since 2011, Karen has consulted for high-value organizations but now focuses on aiding e-commerce and digital businesses. She is passionate about leveling the financial playing field and offers unique insights into the ethical and mental health impacts of financial decisions. Karen empowers especially women entrepreneurs to handle their finances with confidence and acumen.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. Embracing Authenticity in the Corporate World: How bringing your whole self to work can revolutionize business culture and personal growth.
  2. Ethical Finance: Understanding the broader impacts of financial decisions beyond the balance sheets.
  3. Empowerment through Financial Education: Strategies for fostering financial confidence, particularly among women entrepreneurs.

Episode Highlights:

  • “Karen, can you describe a moment when authenticity played a pivotal role in your professional journey?”
  • “What are some common misconceptions about financial decisions that you think need addressing in today’s business environment?”
  • “How do you tailor your financial advice to ensure it’s not only financially sound but also ethically and psychologically supportive?”
  • “What advice would you give to someone looking to bring more of their authentic self into their professional life?”

Beyond her role at SoulCFO, Karen’s commitment to financial empowerment and ethical considerations make her a unique voice in the world of finance. Drawing upon her rich background in finance education and psychology literature, Karen offers tailored advice that considers all facets of business and personal growth.

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