August 31, 2023

Nerd Academy: Opening Doors in the Digital Realm

On this episode of the Gross Profit Podcast, James Kennedy sits down with Kerry Fitzgerald
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The Gross Profit Podcast
Nerd Academy: Opening Doors in the Digital Realm

Show Notes

James Kennedy sits down with Kerry Fitzgerald, who helms a thriving social media management agency, and explores her fruitful collaboration with Petro, an accomplished graduate of Nerd Academy.

Nestled in Somerset East, South Africa – a region grappling with a staggering 45% unemployment rate – Nerd Academy emerges as a beacon of hope. This free initiative was conceived to empower the unemployed with the skills and confidence to pitch for, and secure, online work, offering an alternative pathway to success for those who might find a traditional university education out of reach.

Delve deep as Kerry and Petro share their experiences: from the transformative nature of remote work and the hurdles that come with it to the shifting perspectives on the digital workforce in today’s world.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Origins of Nerd Academy: Dive into the compelling backstory of Nerd Academy and its mission to tackle Somerset East’s soaring unemployment issue.
  • Kerry & Petro’s Collaboration: Understand the symbiotic relationship between agencies and Nerd Academy graduates, exemplified by Kerry and Petro.
  • The Home Office Reality: Unpack the complexities and advantages of working from home, as well as the essential discipline required.
  • Challenges of Digital Work: Kerry and Petro discuss the hurdles of maintaining a professional demeanor in a remote setting and how they navigate them.
  • Evolution of Work Perceptions: Reflect on the global transition to remote work and how it has altered societal views on productivity and professionalism.
  • The Nerd Academy Impact: Gain insights into how Nerd Academy is providing crucial skills and opening doors for many who would have otherwise faced limited opportunities.

Episode Highlights:

  • “Kerry, how has partnering with a Nerd Academy graduate like Petro transformed your agency’s approach?”
  • “Petro, share with us the most significant lessons you’ve gleaned from your journey with Nerd Academy.”
  • “Both of you have navigated the nuances of remote work. How do you handle unexpected challenges and maintain professionalism?”
  • “Kerry, can you speak to the evolving perceptions of hiring remote workers, especially from initiatives like Nerd Academy?”

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