7 Traits of Successful Marketers

marketersSuccessful marketers have the ability to keep a positive team spirit. They learn to identify issues, assess situations and above all provide effective resolutions. Marketers are remarkable observers who  love to observe people’s behaviors. They like to know what makes people feel special and what makes them fall in love with a product.  In fact, successful marketers are obsessed with consumer behavior.

They are extremely curious people who constantly want to know what customers like or dislike.  Skillful marketers always have more questions to ask and like to study customer reaction in different scenarios. They are good salespeople who also know how to coordinate talented people when doing different marketing projects.

In this blog, I will share with you 7 top traits of successful marketers.


Adaptability refers to the quality of being able to adjust to new conditions. As customers change, marketing also changes. This means you need to adapt and manage change in order to have an advantage in the harshly competitive global economy.

The use of social media, for example, how millennials behave differently from other generations can help you shape your marketing activities. Adaptation must be meticulous and smart to distinguish big complex data from real trends and to make the right investments in new areas that allow for research and development.


Customer-oriented is an approach to doing business that focuses on providing a positive customer experience during and after sale in order to drive profit and gain competitive advantage. It’s the role of marketing to champion the voice of the customer and to share market insights that shape your company’s marketing activities.

Effective marketers understand that no company can be strongly market driven unless it takes the role of customer-centricity seriously. Marketers must lead the fundamental corporate strategy decisions i.e where to participate, what to change and how to win. You need to help everyone in the company understand marketing opportunities, customer expectations and how the company can add value to customers.

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Team Builder

A team-builder is one that can tactfully organize a group of people to work together. Marketing can be complex because it involves a lot of things such as social media, SEM/SEO, paid ads, market research, pricing etc. It is impossible for a marketer to be  an expert on all these areas.

One of the great traits of a successful marketer is the ability to build a team of specialists that is highly competent, action-oriented, customer-oriented and highly accountable. Your leadership qualities are key for team building if you are to be a successful marketer.

360 Degrees Thinker

360 degrees thinking is the ability to exhaust all faculties of thought on a subject matter. It involves considering all possible angles by involving other people’s insights. In marketing it means you have to involve everyone including customer’s perceptions.  

You need to analyze how you perceive yourself, your product offering and how well customers  perceive you, your company’s brand. A marketing person aspiring to be victorious should be able to understand, formulate and execute business plans accurately.

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Innovation is everything, it makes the world go round. It sets you above your competitors. Successful marketers are not content with mediocrity, but only with the best. New and improved business solutions drive the business and can help attract, maintain and grow customers. You need to have your creative cap on at all times for you to be a victorious marketer.

Tech Savvy

The evolution of technology makes marketing undoable without the use of technology. Great marketers are able to converse with technology in order to efficiently execute marketing activities. You need to have a detailed knowledge of all the latest available technology platforms and tools  that are essential to help market your product. A good marketer focuses on results and the use of technological tools can be very handy in achieving great results.

Cost Control Conscious

Triumphant markers know how to efficiently allocate financial resources for their marketing activities. You need to have an overall understanding of the plans of the company and be able to budget accordingly. Knowledge of the market, also helps to intelligently select suppliers for favorable price points.

Ultimately, successful marketers make use of an automated PO system to manage their budgets so that they can spend within budget. A good PO system to use is

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