5 Traits of Being in Control for Marketing CEOs

There is nothing more fulfilling than the feeling of knowing that you are in control and on top of things. However, many people seldom understand what it takes to be in control. Being in a CEOs shoes comes with its own challenges for example; time management, multitasking due to work pressure etc.

Transformational leadership in the professional world demands a high level of responsibility and accountability. You, therefore, need to inculcate certain traits especially in as far as sound decision making is concerned. Below are a few character traits that you need to have in order to stay in control of your game.

  1.      Systems Thinking

Making meaningful decisions in the workplace require systems thinking, the one I would like to call, 360 degrees type of thinking. This is because a lot of things are directly or indirectly tied to every decision that top management makes. History is loaded with stories of companies that flourished and also collapsed due to decisions made by top management.

Marketing CEOs need to understand that inasmuch as productivity and profitability for a company is needed, employees’ lives also do matter. Hence, the need to approach all work situations from all possible angles when making decisions in order to achieve a common greater good.

  1.      Effective Communication

A dynamic professional executive is one who knows how to synergize all work systems through effective communication. The business leadership space in the world holds a common consensus that a shared vision is a recipe for success in every business. A vibrant and productive working environment results from good communication.

Clearly communicated and well-articulated ideas are the fibers that interweave the company together towards a common vision or goal. A low-level person from the hierarchy of the company should be able to grasp the intricacies of the vision and still be able to run with it, without any shadow of doubt or confusion. A resounding success and high-profit margins are inevitable under such circumstances.

  1.      Healthy Living

Charity begins at home, is a saying that holds true for all successful professional executives. Most CEOs know that a well-rested mind, body, soul and spirit is a good recipe for sound judgment in decision making. Imagine a professional executive who is going through a divorce or who daily wrestles a challenge of a problem child who is engaged in drug abuse or whose life is deteriorating due to ill-health. It is a definitive fact that somehow what goes on in the life of a professional executive at home has a direct or indirect consequence of the quality of the decisions that he/she makes in the workplace.

Being in control, therefore, requires that one runs his/her home well and always takes care of the entire family’s health and well-being. The great business populace is known to include gym on their health and well-being priority list. Sporting activities are a good mind refresher for professional executives owing to their everyday busy schedules. A healthy and fit body correlates with a healthy mind for sound decision making.

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  1.      Continual Learning

It is a known fact that it’s not all rosy being at the top in any organization. Renowned scholars agree that it takes more than ability to remain doing well at the top. Characteristics such as integrity, discipline, initiative, teamwork, and self-cultivation are all important. The world revolves, time ticks, trends transcends and everything in the world is always in a forward motion. For instance, technological trends evolve all the time. So, for a marketing CEO to remain in control, he/she has to self-cultivate.

To grow is to be human; every company thrives on growth. Therefore, continual learning in one’s career is imperative for one to grow with world trends in order to remain in control. How sustainable it is to remain in control is directly proportional to the amount of effort that one puts in enhancing himself/herself in his or her career. I know experience matters; however, the axe gets blunt over time due to constant usage. The axe, therefore, needs to be sharpened constantly in order to remain useful in the long run. As a result, this calls for continual learning and self-development in the professional space so as to remain in control and relevant with the times.

  1.      Cost Control

The growth of a company is determined by how it uses its resources. Management of the company costs is key to its profitability and this is one important issue in the decision-making process by CEOs. No company can live without spending. Exhaling and inhaling are part of a life of any business. However, it’s about which of the two outweighs the other that separates a thriving company from a surviving one. This is what prides itself on; management of a company’s spending through a user-friendly app that makes it easy to track and approve purchase orders anywhere and anytime.

Let’s face it; CEOs have a lot on their plate to deal with on a daily basis so much that they cannot be all eyes everywhere to track every cent that gets spent within the company.’s purchasing order (PO) system can help companies spend within budgets while saving ten cents in a dollar of their total spend. This is coupled with a customizable reporting system. will free up your time. Try it for free!

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