Evolution of Rubberstamp.io leads to a Rebrand

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Have you ever received an email with a fake invoice to pay? Do you know anyone who’s actually paid one? (Have you?) This is one of many problems ProcurementExpress.com solves for over 300 happy customers every day.

James and Richard, co-founders of Rubberstamp.io, identified a need for a simple electronic purchase order tool. They were determined to solve a serious problem and they succeeded, but naming the software was not their strong suit and Rubberstamp.io can’t carry the software further. It’s evolved so much that it’s bursting at the seams and metamorphosing.

What exactly is wrong with the name Rubberstamp.io?

  • We want to create a better understanding of what the software does right off the bat. We’ve had numerous requests from customers to change the name because they found it hard to associate “Rubberstamp.io” with online purchase order software. We were also getting a little tired of people asking for actual rubber stamps. It’s futile to compete with rubber stamps that have no connotation with what we actually do. We needed to rebrand.
  • The .io domain is unfamiliar to most of the potential users. We needed a domain that has a higher level of trust and is easier to remember.

It became clear that we needed a new name, one that’s straightforward and to the point, like we are. A name that explains what we do without an extended explanation over the phone, like “ProcurementExpress.com…(a stamp made of rubber)…the purchase order software,” which most users did not understand. We needed a name that’s easier to express and comprehend. The solution, rebrand.

Introducing: ProcurementExpress.com.

This name rebrand explains exactly what the software can achieve for your company. Our aim is to develop ProcurementExpress.com into an indestructible software that speeds up company purchasing in the most pragmatic way possible.

ProcurementExpress.com reached good heights, but ProcurementExpress.com will achieve great heights with a fearless attitude, grabbing every opportunity by the horns.

Change is as good as a holiday.

Procurementexpress.com will continue to provide world-class service to the support team ready to assist you 24 hours, 5 days a week. Ease of use will still be a priority for our development team and we’ll always take user feedback seriously. Stick with us and we’ll do everything in our power to help your company spend responsibly.

The official name change is scheduled for January 2018, so you have enough time to get used to the new, better ProcurementExpress.com.

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