New Feature: Notification Center

To receive fewer emails from, you can now enable in-app notifications to be delivered in the new Notification Center instead.

To access the Notification Center, click on the Bell icon, top-right.

The first tab is the old Alerts screen with Pending Requests and the exact same functionality.

So you have all the requests pending your own approval in one place and you can approve or reject in bulk directly from this screen. You can also click to open a PO or download the report as a list in a spreadsheet.

The second tab, Notifications, is a list of all the notifications you would normally have received in your email inbox including filters and Mark as read/Mark as unread functionality.

To change your notification preferences, follow the steps below and choose which notifications you want to receive emails for and which you want to receive as in-app notifications.

Click on your initials, top right -> Pencil icon -> Notifications tab

We’d love to hear what you think. Please comment below with your feedback and let us know.

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