Real Life Spend Accountability

Keller Logistics Group embodies every aspect of the logistics industry while doing their part for the environment, the community, and their employees. As the Director of Engineering and Procurement, Darryl Logan has quite the task in controlling spend at this ever growing company.

“Darryl’s responsibilities include creating strategic advantages…by…improving the efficiency of current processes…as new opportunities arise in the future.”

Darryl remembers a time when they had no control over spending; “people were spending money and we didn’t know where it was being spent”.

There was no accountability for the lack of spending control. Accounting would close the books at the end of the monthly accounting cycle without an understanding of the liabilities that remained open. In weeks to follow, late invoices would appear and it was “…always a nightmare for the accounting group and then from a procurement control and strategy point of view… My team did not know how much we were spending and with who and therefore we didn’t really…gather the information on spend and liaise it, aggregate it, develop strategies for negotiation and reducing cost”. This meant that the accounting figures was inaccurate, which had a great impact on the financial decision making.

Darryl now speaks of a different scenario. Today, Accounting can pull accurate, real-time purchasing reports to close the loop on payments and Procurement can manage spending within budgets. This was made possible by the easy integration of After finding an excel based purchase order system too time-consuming, Darryl found spend control in this simple and effective online solution.

With, Darryl and his team no longer have collaboration issues by using Excel files with 2 or more users. With the handy approval rules, purchase orders follow a set path from creation, through approval levels to ordering and invoicing. This was just the solution they were looking for.

“…it was an elegant and simple solution to get us on the road to better spend control and visibility…it’s a very simple, very elegant, easy, intuitive, program to use…”

Spending is now under tight control at Keller Logistics. If you would like the same peace of mind, follow this link for a free trial.

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