North Queensland Toyota Cowboys vs Paper Based Purchase Order System

cowboys logoThe North Queensland Cowboys sporting club fields a team in the National Rugby League competition in Australia. They have been using a manual purchase order system with pre-numbered purchase order books. These books were held by the finance department and signed out to staff as required.

“I just knew that in the day and age that we are in and the technology that is around, that we could be doing things better.”

Michael Gilbert is the club’s CFO and manage all aspects of finance and corporate governance. Michael decided to switch to, because he felt that an electronic system might be more efficient. Here are his thoughts:

Advantages of switching to


“There is no need for multiple copies of purchase orders and they are now all stored in the one location.”

With, all your purchase orders are stored in cloud space so you can access it anytime, from anywhere using your mobile device.


“Staff do not need to wait for the appropriate level of authority to return to the office to sign a paper purchase order.”

Team members can load purchase orders and choose the appropriate approver online. Once approved, you can simply take a photo of the accompanying documentation (like an invoice) with your mobile device and add it to the transaction. Convenient, isn’t it?

Timely Budget Feedback

“Management receive live ‘to the minute’ feedback on actual versus budget spend rather than waiting a week or 2 for monthly reports. They have this information at the point of purchase which improves decision making.”

Setting Up is a Breeze

“Very basic. Most systems that I looked into were linked to an accounting package and as a result, seemed more complex for the user. I needed club staff to ‘buy in’ to the change in purchasing process and as a result, simplicity was key. I did not mind keeping the purchase orders separate to our accounting package as is able to export all the data quite easily.”

Like Micheal you can also have a smooth transition to your dream purchase order system by visiting Until then, watch this space for testimonials from more happy customers.

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