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The Boys and Girls clubs of Montery County Cuts their po processing time by two weeks with

Erik Zamora“We used to use an Excel doc, and it could take two weeks to process a PO. Sometimes the PO didn’t make it to accounting in time. But with, we process POs same-day, and we know that deliveries will happen on time.”

Erik Zamora
Systems/Financial Analyst
Boys & Girls Clubs of Monterey County

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Monterey County is a nonprofit that has been helping children of financially challenged families for more than 45 years. To track POs, they used to use an Excel document. But with two facilities to run and last-minute situations popping up, sometimes deliveries didn’t happen on time. The organization now uses to track POs, approve them sooner and to make sure POs don’t hold up a delivery.

Easily track POs

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Monterey County used to use Excel for purchase orders. This meant that staff members would have to go into the PO folder, print the PO, hand it to superior for approval, then send it on to accounting.

The problem herein was that staff members had no automated way of knowing the status of their PO’s.

Now that they use, any staff member can check on the status of a PO. “Staff can see if something is approved and when it gets paid,” says Erik Zamora,  Systems/Financial Analyst at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Monterey County. “We don’t have to wonder if PO was processed.”

Get same-day approval

With their Excel and paper PO system, it would often take two weeks for a PO to get approved. Paperwork had to be created and then physically handed off from one person to the next. If the paperwork was misplaced or overlooked, the PO didn’t get approved.

So the PO system took a long time, and sometimes the PO wouldn’t make it to accounting at all. changed that, significantly reducing the amount of time it takes to approve a PO. Just how much faster is it now? “POs used to take two weeks to process manually, now they’re processed same-day,” says Erik.

Ensure deliveries will happen on time

The biggest problem with paper systems and delays in PO approvals is the end result: a delivery doesn’t happen on time.

This was a real problem for Boys and Girls Clubs of Monterey County because they’re sometimes in a time crunch. Thus, if they couldn’t get a PO processed in time and had no way of knowing that the PO even made it to accounting…the realization only dawned when delivery was not made.

With, those problems went away. With complete visibility and same-day approval, POs no longer hold their projects back. “Now we’re confident that we’ll get supplies on time, even in a time crunch situation,” says Erik.

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