Construction Industry: The Reasons they Love


It’s no secret that is awesomely fantastic and loved by many organizations across multiple industries.  Here are some reasons the construction industry love

Here are a few examples of what people are saying about us:

“…management receive live ‘to the minute’ feedback on actual versus budget spend rather than waiting a week or 2 for monthly reports. They have this information at the point of purchase which improves decision-making.” Micheal Gilbert, CFO North Queensland Toyota Cowboys

“This PO software is much more user-friendly than prior PO management options I have used in the past. There was little to no ‘learning curve’ to understanding how to use it effectively and it is great to be able to go and back easily see historical PO’s. Efficient and reliable software.” Loren Churness, Staff Accountant Buechal Stone Corp

“ has freed up my time while allowing my staff to get approval for the resources they need faster than was possible before.” Kieran O’Brien, Deputy CEO Unicef

All our customers have nothing but great things to say about us and I love that. We all work very hard to ensure everything runs smoothly so it’s really nice to be so appreciated. I noticed recently that the biggest praises come from customers within the construction industry. When I looked deeper into it I discovered that the construction industry is our biggest user base so I decided to have a look at why that is exactly and the answers were all very similar.  I even discovered that one major construction client of ours even implemented our system before their current systems subscription had run out and the value they got from our solution simply outweighed the cost of having both subscriptions!

So what makes so appealable to the construction industry? Well, as it turns out, it’s everything! Everyone I spoke to about what their favorite feature was couldn’t give me an answer, the response was almost always that they would be hard pressed to choose just one feature, I tried to figure out what it would be if they got to choose two favorite features but I was met with similar difficulties.

The ability to manage individual projects rather than only company spending as a whole seemed to be a common mention, as is the ability to access the system from anywhere in the world. This makes sense as construction companies tend to have multiple projects on the go across various sites and being able to budget and monitor each one individually whilst still having the ability to see the bigger picture is very useful indeed. The fact that the people, needing expenditure approval and the people authorized to do so, are seldom in the same place makes a great tool to use, not just for construction either, anyone who is often not in one place will greatly benefit from the system.

“My team need to make PO requests when I’m away. Our paper-based system takes days for me to see the PO and sign off., allows me to approve PO’s while on the road. Our bookkeeper gets records of everything, and I an instant view of the budgets. Simple, we setup our entire team and were up and running in a few minutes. Fast, 1 click approval or rejections to any PO is fantastic.” Oisin Kim, Founder Amach Software

Other notable mentions were the 24-hour support which always includes the extra mile. The SaaS aspects that mean you don’t have to implement anything into your system and you don’t have to take up the time and efforts of your IT systems and staff. Some people love the fact that you don’t even have to log into the system to use it, you can accept, reject or even comment on a purchase order request right from the email you receive about it. Custom fields on the purchase order or even line item seem to be quite popular with most too. One thing that was mentioned by everyone was the amount of time and effort saved with the system and in most cases, a lot of money has been saved meaning that the system more than pays for itself in many different ways, but mostly in time and cash savings.

The list goes on, is feature rich so it’s understandable that people are hard pressed to pick a single favorite, why not take a free trial of the system to see if you are capable of picking one yourself, if you use the system you’ll find that you have plenty of extra time to sit around thinking of things like this or anything else that may require your attention.

Get your free trial here or you can even take advantage of a quick live demo, the system is so easy to use the demo will take around 20 minutes, book yours here

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