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Covid nonprofit uses to safely spend €1.4m and remain audit compliant. allowed Feed the Heroes to manage expenditure of over €1.4m on meals for frontline workers fighting Covid-19. It enabled us to be transparent and maintain proper purchasing controls to ensure our vendors and team members were aligned and our funding was managed effectively and transparently. saved us countless hours attempting to manage documents and ensure sign-off was achieved. It allowed us to be nimble, responsive and increased our effectiveness as a charitable project. We want to thank everyone at for responding to this project so quickly. At a time of national crisis we were delighted to be supported by the team and their drive to do something for frontline workers.

Cian O Flaherty – Co-Founder at Feed The Heroes
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Value: How a furniture and appliances retailer in Pretoria saves R250k every year

“ saved us R250k last year”
Howard Shankman – CEO at Railway Furnishers

Railway Furnishers is an established furniture and appliances retailer with a centralized warehouse in Pretoria. Founded in the 1960’s, this family business now has 28 busy retail stores and over 350 employees.

With more and more stores opening, it became difficult for management to control costs and keep track of supplies on hand. Railway Furnishers needed to centralize their purchasing controls and better manage their outgoings.

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The Gross Profit Podcast
The Gross Profit Podcast The Origin Story
/ The Origin Story

Every hero has an origin story. We think of Spiderman getting bitten by a radioactive spider, Superman discovering he has superpowers, and the X-men congregating around Professor Xavier. And as the saying goes, not all heroes wear capes, so today we discuss the origins of 

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