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5 Bad Purchasing Habits Every Entrepreneur Should Avoid



Do you ever catch yourself repeating the same bad purchasing habits that kill your budget? I am talking about die-hard habits such as buying things on impulse to cheer yourself up, or,  even worse, purchasing new inventory without doing a proper inventory check! The sad reality is that bad spending habits are more likely to stunt the growth of your promising business.
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How to Control Your Charity Spending


How-to-Control-Your-Charity-Spending (1)Charity leaders tend to focus a lot on doing ‘good’ and sometimes lose sight of how money is being spent in the process. One way to know if your charity spends received donations responsibly is by checking its bank statement. What does it look like? If charity costs seem to exceed donations every month by a large margin, then it could mean that you do not have enough control over your spending.
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Calculate Charity Expenses in 4 Steps


4-Steps-to-Follow-to-Calculate-Charity-ExpensesSome charities operate on a shoestring budget. Budgeting for charity operations is tricky, as expenses keep changing every month which compels organizations to launch fundraising campaigns. They need to find ways of calculating expenses accurately without losing sight of other direct costs. All in all, when costs are not paid on time, programs will come to a complete standstill. Where does that leave dependants of charity programs?

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Put Yourself In The Driver’s Seat Of Your Budget


Put-Yourself-In-The-Driver’s-Seat-Of-Your-BudgetCash flow management for a rapidly growing, bootstrapped company can be harder than the world’s most difficult Sudoku puzzle.” Vinny Antonio, President of Victory Marketing Agency

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Is Risk Management a Priority for CFOs?

risk managementEvery project presents some level of financial risk. It is up to you, the CFO to consider the potential risks and manage them to the best of your ability. For the modern day CFO, not dealing with risk-taking can have a diverse effect on the outcome of your project.

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far it is possible to go.” — T.S. Eliot
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Business Budgeting For Dummies

Business Budgeting For DummiesPlease keep reading only if;

  • You had a great sales month but, to your dismay, have no money in the bank.
  • Your business is growing fast but there is never enough left over to give yourself that raise you so richly deserve.

Or my favorite:

  • Opening your management accounts feels like scratching off a scratch card, you never know what you are going to get.

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