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The Ugly Truth About Not Using PO Software



Your outdated system is stunting your growth. You might not realize it or might avoid the ugly truth, that your paper-based purchase order system is keeping your business back from a healthy bottom line!

Let’s look at the process of a paper-based system

  • The buyer realizes the need for a product after checking or being notified by the inventory system or a specific department
  • The purchase order is written out or printed and given to the approver to get the golden signature
  • The purchase order is mailed to the supplier, after which the supplier manually enters it into their system
  • The supplier prints out an invoice and sends it back to the buyer by e-mail
  • The buyer pays the invoice and notifies the supplier by Proof Of Payment
  • The buyer enters the invoice manually into their system
  • The supplier finally sends the shipment to the buyer

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How to Control Your Charity Spending


How-to-Control-Your-Charity-Spending (1)Charity leaders tend to focus a lot on doing ‘good’ and sometimes lose sight of how money is being spent in the process. One way to know if your charity spends received donations responsibly is by checking its bank statement. What does it look like? If charity costs seem to exceed donations every month by a large margin, then it could mean that you do not have enough control over your spending.
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Recipe to Make Your Construction Site More Efficient

recipeThe construction site preparation process is the first function that must be executed.

A clear and properly prepared site that is “user-friendly” will avert unnecessary pitfalls,  i.e. hinder building permits and damage the overall project.

“I want everybody to run at the same speed as me. But some people are more conscientious, they think more and they plan more. And they’re more careful” – Eddie Huang
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