Construction Site Fails


Construction-Site-failsThere is never really a 100 percent guarantee that your projects will run smoothly. Construction businesses build reputations around their ability to create strong, reliable structures that stand the test of time. Because of this very important distinct fact, precautions and all the involved factors need to be taken into account before planning your project. Construction business owners are constantly assessing on-the-job risks, but it’s critical for them to keep an eye on the common issues that bankrupt their peers.

Some of the crazy things that happen on construction sites

Cranes Gone Wild

Um! I thought these things were safe. They worked next to my car the other day!


Epic Construction fails

What! I have seen stupidity before but ok. Maybe they were short-staffed!


10 Biggest Architecture Fails In The World

I have to work where!


Construction Gone Wrong

So do I get to jay-walk now?!


What The Crew really get Up To On Construction Sites

I feel so much safer now that the crew is on the site!


Woman on High

I was bored so I decided to take photos on high buildings and mess up a whole day of working on the construction site! There goes the project schedule!


Ultimate Bad Day at Work

A good purchase order management tool can give business owners visibility into ongoing projects, deadlines, resources, budgets, warning signs and more.

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