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“Ops Know Where the Bodies Are”

If you work on a finance team long enough, you get to hear lots of stories.  Some of them you’ll take to the grave.  Some, you can anonymise a bit and share with the team.  This is one such story.  A customer of ours, let’s call him Gary, was tasked with incorporating a newly acquired business into the group.  It was a great chance to expand into a new market as well as pocket some well deserved cash-flow.  The deal was done, the CEO was happy and it was time to start bringing the new company into the fold. Continue Reading

Why Trust Is Important To Non-profit Organizations

Why building trust is important to NGOs

Many non-profit experts agree that trust is a very important element in successfully running a non-profit organization. Organizations with a transparent culture are more likely to attract loyal employees while organizations that still make clandestine transactions part of their culture, attracts untrustworthy employees. Those employees are likely to jump ship when the going gets tough. Continue Reading