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June 2018

A Purchase Order Number is now Customisable

PO numbers are used to distinguish PO’s from each other.  In the past, the PO numbers were only semi-customisable. Now it’s all up to you!

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Ops know where the bodies are

“Ops Know Where the Bodies Are”

If you work on a finance team long enough, you get to hear lots of stories.  Some of them you’ll take to the grave.  Some, you can anonymise a bit and share with the team.  This is one such story.  A customer of ours, let’s call him Gary, was tasked with incorporating a newly acquired business into the group.  It was a great chance to expand into a new market as well as pocket some well deserved cash-flow.  The deal was done, the CEO was happy and it was time to start bringing the new company into the fold. Continue Reading

Construction Workers, Celebrities and CFOs

construction, celebrities, cfos-buttonLife wasn’t always about bright lights, red carpets, glitz and glamour for many of our favorite actors, actresses and music stars. Before making it big ( believe it or not ) many of them were just regular people holding down normal jobs. The celebrities discussed below all started out in construction. During their stints as construction workers, they all (with the possible exception of Sean Connery) demonstrated certain characteristics and skills that CFOs need to possess in order to become superb CFOs:
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How to Ace Customer Success

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You could argue that our software is not the fanciest.  You could argue we don’t have a huge feature set but you cannot argue with over 200 four and five-star reviews for on Capterra. The software comparison site tracks us along with all of our competitors on a range of issues and customer feedback is the most important. We are almost an order of magnitude ahead of our nearest competitors and in this article, I’ll share with you how we got there.

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