Why Purchase Order Software Is The Heartbeat Of Your Company

Why are there so many jokes about Purchase Order Managers? They even brought out a ‘best of’ book about it(The Best Ever Book of Purchasing Managers Jokes). Your purchasing is one of the fundamentals of a company. It’s a very important role, as it deals with the company’s capital.

There might be different reasons why people make these jokes. Purchasing Managers tend to keep to the budget and have strict rules that need to be adhered to. Maybe it has to do with the human factor, or maybe they are just underrated. 

Purchase orders serve a valuable purpose in any company they have extensive company benefits and can be one of your biggest assets. They help you keep track of who is purchasing what from where. Keeping track or even completing just a 100 purchase orders a day can get very challenging even for a very organized purchase manager, let alone doing thousands. It’s a lot of info that has to be noted on one form.

You need to streamline your process to avoid high failure rates and poor performance.

A few reasons why Purchase Order Software makes your Company’s heartbeat

It Saves Time and therefore Money

For every project that you have, there are deadlines set to prevent extra costs. There is very little time allocated to get through the purchasing process, i.e raise the order, send the order and approve the order. Purchase order software gets the process completed in about half the normal time. It is so straightforward and easy to use that anyone of your staff members can master it in minutes.

All your departments can spend responsibly with it. The app is mobile so you are no longer tied to a computer for approvals or if you want to see what’s going on in the purchasing process. You can see everything instantly and can approve any purchase with the click of a button. Employees or crew members on a site can load PO’s from the site directly onto the app.

It helps you Control the Spending

You can set who is allowed to make purchases. This prevents unauthorized employees from placing orders without approval. Budgets are set per project and a notification is sent when there is insufficient budget left. This can only be changed by the admin user appointed by you.

The painful process of duplicate purchases is eliminated as you can see which products have been bought straight away. The best feature of all is the ability to set certain suppliers to be used and the PO is sent directly to the supplier after the PO has been approved. The email addresses are loaded beforehand and the software already knows exactly where to send the PO.


Cutting costs by Saving Paper

The amount of paper used in 1 purchase is a lot. From raising the purchase order to the invoice to the delivery note to the filing, it might almost be half a tree. Sometimes these documents even get lost in the process and more paper needs to be used to replace missing ones.

With an automated system, all the information is in one place and all actions are taken from that one place. So, no paper is needed. Records are kept in a specific place and can easily be recalled with the PO number.

All purchases are an expense incurred by your business. Accounting for all of them is important to know how much profit you are making. Therefore, keeping track of each and every one of them is imperative.

As a customer of Procurementexpress.com, I believe it is an invaluable part of my day to day business and is used by all employees to purchase items for my office and for jobs. It truly makes my job easier and keeps things organized and easy to follow up and track down when needed for my day to day operations. I run a small HVAC company and it simply works great for us. Definitely, recommend this for all companies who need to keep track of their outgoing expenses and make purchases a process that is not hard to use. And being able to use it as a desktop or mobile version makes life easy for my Techs out in the field. And as a business owner being able to check and restrict purchase amount keeps my guys from overspending without prior approval which keeps my expenses down and on track for my P&L. In short great program and easy to use. Keep up the good work guys.” – Robert Langton, co-owner, Air Authority LLC.

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You need to have a lot of organizational savvy to be a purchase order manager. It takes, even more, shrewdness to realize you could use the help of a PO software.

Making the change is easy and your business can enjoy major benefits i.e. reduced cost, increased processing speed, reduced errors and improved relationships with suppliers and customers.

Procurementexpress.com is your Ultimate Smart Spend Toolkit in a convenient app. Try Procurementexpress.com for free today!

What are your views on automating your purchasing processes?


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