[Update] The final software update for 2022!

We’re still on a bug-eradication spree and by the start of 2023, you’ll experience smoother operation in ProcurementExpress.com all around. I am very excited and I am sure you are too.

Here’s what we’ve updated since my last article, as you’ll see we’ve been very busy.

  1. Updates to the calculations on the PO report. This should smooth things over if you use multiple currencies.
  2. Updates were also made to the calculations of multi-currency amounts and to the budgets and departments sections on the dashboard.
  3. On the calculations of approval limits for requests, we have made some changes to the way we assign approvers before and after adding tax.
  4. The restriction to Cancel Payments and Deliveries on POs before editing a PO has been removed. So when you edit an approved PO (with the re-approval setting active), you won’t have to remove the payments and deliveries anymore. Please note that if you do make changes to the quantity or total price on the PO, you will have to update the payments and deliveries to ensure the full payment and delivery of that PO.
  5. Those who use flexible supplier lists will notice that the functionality has been restored where unit costs are populated for new line items.
  6. In some situations, the invoice due date was not displayed when you open an invoice. That has been fixed, so the invoice due date will always display.
  7. Updates were made to the payments report.
  8. On some devices, the invoice report could not be opened because the file names were too long. We have limited the invoice file names to include only 40 characters of supplier names.
  9. You might have noticed that the supplier and budget logs had some loading issues. That has been resolved.
  10. Updates were made to the approved invoice report.
  11. We fixed the cases when a higher approver was able to approve before the lower approvers.
  12. We improved the RFQ PDF with a few modifications.
  13. We made some improvements to the holiday mode setting.
  14. The “Invoice Uploaded” notification email was updated to show the correct information.
  15. Several updates were made to the global search functionality.
  16. You will also notice that approval routing works smoother in general now. We’ve spent quite a bit of resources on improving that.
  17. On the different listing screen filters, we’ve made some improvements on when POs appear under which filters.
  18. When a PO is canceled, the invoice will now be canceled too.
  19. Canceling a PO in ProcurementExpress.com will now also cancel the PO in QBO.
  20. We have also made some improvements to the Xero integration.
  21. There were several updates made to the PO history section.
  22. We have updated some aspects of the Draft request behavior.
  23. The budget custom fields will now also be available on the budget export and imports.

We have one more bug release coming up before we start building all those magical features that will really make our customers’ lives easier.

As head of customer support and success, I have a lot of empathy with our customers and really want everyone to have an outstanding experience using our software. If you’d like to chat about our software or have any questions, please pick a time in my calendar to talk here. If you want to have an influence on what goes into the ProcurementExpress.com roadmap, please upvote your favorite suggestions or create new suggestions on the feedback portal here.

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