Release Notes: March ’21- Performance Improvements and Bug Fixes

This is our monthly app update article that highlights recent feature releases and product improvements. Last month was mostly about improving the performance of the app, so a lot happened inside the app. You should be able to notice the difference in the app speed and responsiveness.

New Release – Features!

Supplier approval is now active on the Mobile App

On the web-app, in “Company Settings” -> “Suppliers”, you can activate a setting to let team members request a new supplier before they can request a purchase from that Supplier. We have now expanded that functionality to the mobile app.
Supplier approval settings
With this setting active, if a team member creates a new supplier they will have to wait for approval before they can use that supplier. 

Request for a new supplier before a purchase order can be created


Performance Enhancements

  • We’ve cleaned up the code in the app. So much so that the CSS now loads 25% faster. You should notice that with faster page loads. 

Behavioral fixes

  • All edits done by Finance members are now recorded in the History Section of the PO. Previously some of the edits went unrecorded, now we’re keeping a full record of edits.
  • For companies with the QuickBooks Online integration active, the “QuickBooks Customer (Readonly)” field was listed on the PDF. That has been removed. 
  • PO not appearing under the pending requests after it was edited and resent for approval. This happened when the setting is active for “Require approval after Purchase Order edit” and is now fixed.
  • Budget changing when editing a PO – fixed.
  • Monthly budget statistics were be renamed and corrected for accurate figures. 


Monthly Budget statistics before


Monthly Budget statistics after

Bug fixes

There were several bugs in the app that are now fixed. These were the bugs:

  • Users were unable to add new items when editing a PO or creating a PO with multiple line items. 
  • Searching for a PO custom field value does not display all POs that are attached to the searched value.
  • 11 Additional bugs that happened in the back-end of the app have also been fixed.

Have a feature suggestion to improve your experience in the app? Raise your voice using the new feedback portal.  

Go to, add your suggestion and wait for one of our moderators to review it, or upvote your favorite features in the portal. You will be notified of any updates or changes regarding your suggestions and your upvotes. The portal can also be accessed within our app: go to the help menu, and inside you will find the “Suggest a feature” option.

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