Updated Procurementexpress.com Features 2016

Draft PO

You now have the ability to save a PO as a draft. The new “Save Draft” button features at the bottom of the PO creation page.

save draft

Find the draft POs on your dashboard and edit or send them at any time.

draft po

Budget Overruns

Budget limits can now be enforced with the new “Allow Budget Overruns” toggle.

budget overrun setting

Simply deselect the toggle and if no funds are available, the PO request is not sent and an error message appears.

insufficient budget

Suppliers Button

Finance users can now manage the supplier database. Just click on the new “Suppliers” button on your top bar menu.suppliers button

New Language

We have added Dutch to Procurementexpress.com’s languages. To use the app in Dutch. Go to “User Settings” -> Language


Budget Alias

You can now set a custom name for “Budgets” in the app. This is useful if you call your budgets something else, like projects or sites.

budget alias

Android App

We have released an Android app. Android phones now have one-click access and the same easy interface you are used to. Download the app from Google Play Store.

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