[Update] New features and fixes in

We released version 2.2.19 of our web application on the 22nd of September 2022, which contained mainly fixes to recent issues faced by our customers.

In fact, we have decided to focus on fixing those pesky bugs for the next few months and keep the addition of new features to a minimum.

We’re looking forward to seeing the results of these improvements and we’ll keep you updated on the progress.

Release 2.2.19 contained 29 changes, 13 of which were bug fixes.

1. New feature: All our Canadian customers will be happy to know that we now support combined tax rates!

To use this feature, go to Company Settings -> Tax -> Create new tax rate.

Please note – This feature lets you combine existing tax rates. Make sure you also create the individual tax rates you want to combine.

To define a combined tax rate, go to Company Settings -> Tax -> Create new tax rate.

Complete the New Tax Rate Form:

  • Set Tax Type to Combined,
  • Name your tax rate,
  • Select the different tax rates to combine,
  • Press Save.

The new tax rate is now available for use in your purchase requests and purchase orders.

2. Major bugs fixed

  • A PO should auto-self-approve when the requester creates a request for their own approval.
  • Creating a request with a non-default currency permanently updates the default value of the product with the converted rate.
  • The supplier delegate is not able to see the PO that has been sent to the main supplier account.
  • Conversion rates apply incorrectly in some cases.
  • We also spent time on a few performance improvements that you’ll notice in your everyday use of the software.

To “Wow” our customers is our most important company value and that’s what we’ll keep aiming for. Watch this space to see how we keep improving the software to save our customer time and make their lives easier.

Your suggestions are important to help us develop the application to your needs. Remember to use our feedback portal to suggest and up-vote features you would like to use on

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