September App & Feature Updates

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Development in September continued on bug fixes, small improvements and custom work. The other focus was on implementing our new feature: Request for Quote (RFQ).

A first version of RFQ was released as part of version 2.1.19.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the RFQ feature, we’d like to hear from you, please pick a time to chat here or let the Success team know.

Tickets released

Version 2.1.18 (09/09/2021)

  • Support for .docx and .xlsx file formats for document upload and download.
  • Changed the message displayed for supplier approval for better clarity.
  • Paid POs showing up on the approved POs tab – Corrected.
  • PDF on the Purchase Order approved and attached email is automatically in Spanish – Corrected for English users.
  • Send to supplier using default template has the subject “default template” – Corrected the subject for clarity.
  • Make invoice reference a mandatory field – Configurable via Company Settings.
  • PO telling user that their is not a sufficient budget amount to approve a PO – Changed control on PO Amount.
  • PO telling user that their is not a sufficient budget amount when sending a Po for approval – Changed control on PO Amount.
  • [Show Invoice Screen] Clicking on the PO Number does not open the Show PO Screen for the PO selected – Corrected.

Version 2.1.19 (23/09/2021)

  • Request For Quote main feature – First release.
  • Addresses attributes for Integrations – Now supporting multi-line addresses in integrations (Quickbooks, Sage).
  • PO with negative line item the PO status does not show the PO has been paid – Corrected.

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