November App Features & Update

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November has seen the release of our new main feature: Request For Quote. This is now available live on our app and can be used as an additional module.

We are also now supporting integration with Sage 200, where you can use accounts and suppliers from Sage 200 and communicate Purchase orders to Sage 200.

The teams have otherwise continued the work on improvements and bug fixes for improving the user experience.

If you’re interested in using the RFQ feature, do not hesitate to pick a time to chat here or ask your Support contact.

Releases for November

Version 2.1.22 (04/11/2021)


  • Changes some areas of the code to improve the speed of the application based on our internal performance statistics.

Bug fixes

  • Remove UI inconsistencies in the Import screen.
  • The line item number would randomly be empty when creating a purchase request – Fixed.
  • A user would get the “Action not allowed” page when accessing a PO from the global search – Fixed
  • A company admin would get an error when trying to add a new user while the company is at its user licence limit – Fixed
  • The product SKU would become empty if it was used in a line item in a PO and the SKU was set to empty in the PO – Fixed

Version 2.1.23 (18/11/2021)


  • Main release for implementation of Request for Quote (RFQ)
  • Main release for Sage 200 integration. now works with Sage 200 for purchase orders.
  • The company admin can allocate Edit access rights for standard users and approvers for POs approved and not paid. The company admin can now decide whether standard users and approvers can edit an approved PO, without changing the PO ID, or use “Cancel and re-use”, which allocates a new PO ID.
  • The in-app and mail notifications have been reviewed to avoid flooding users with notifications for POs they are not related to.

Bug fixes

  • Some users would sometimes not receive the reports they had run – Fixed
  • The budget of line items in a PO for a company using QuickBooks would sometimes be reset after modification – Fixed
  • The billing page would display an error under specific circumstances – Fixed
  • PO not getting marked as closed in QuickBooks once they are marked as Paid in – Fixed
  • Customer having issues with supplier bank details being overwritten in Quickbooks – Fixed


If you have any questions, please contact our Support team via the online chat or using [email protected].

Remember that you can also submit or upvote new features for our app on our feedback portal: It matters to us. 25% of all features submitted have made it into the app.


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