New App Features

Features: Working-Towards-an-even-betterFeatures : Third Quarter 2017

Receiving items status have been updated

We have made the delivery status features simpler to our users by updating the “Fulfillment Status” and “Fulfillment Date“. These two updates would enable users to see if the PO has been delivered and what date.  

Log in. Navigate to ->

Purchase Orders” -> Select the relevant PO -> Scroll down and find “Fulfillment Status” bottom left.

Features: Delivery Status Button

We have added three columns to sort your results by!

Log in. Navigate to ->

Purchase Orders” -> find the newly added columns “BUDGET”, “COST CODE” and “COST TYPE”

Features: budgets 3

A faster way to assign employees to departments

You can now assign departments as you invite or add a new user to

Log in. Navigate to ->

Employees“-> Select add “Employee” fill in the necessary details  and assign the employee to departments.

employees departments

features: separate user account

Users can now choose their own default currency

Now the app allows users to choose their own default currency.

Log in. Navigate to ->

User settings“-> Select a user and change currency.

Edit user CURRENCY

Now we have a new support reserve PO feature

Log in. Navigate to ->

Company Settings” –>You will see a new switch that allows you to see existing and new companies. Also, you’ll create a PO and save it as a draft.

company settings 2

Now you can filter dashboard by department

Log in. Navigate to ->

Budget” and you will be able to filter dashboard according to Department.

filter to departments

Now you can filter specific to archived budgets

Log in. Navigate to ->

“Budget” tab then go to the archived tab.

archived budget

Now we have check boxes on the budget list 

Log in. Navigate to ->

“Budget” tab then see check boxes on the budget list.


We’ve added decimal spaces for tax field 

Log in. Navigate to ->

+New purchase order” and find added three decimal space for tax field.

decimal spaces for Tax field

Suppliers can now be archived and de-archived in bulk

Log in. Navigate to ->

Suppliers” and archive or de archive your suppliers in bulk.

Features: suppliers

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